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Apple Boot Camp

Hell just froze over Redmond. Apple is officially supporting Windows XP on the new Intel based Macs. Boot Camp by Apple lets you install Windows XP on your Mac, without screwing the system. If you were thinking of switching (and had the money and didn’t want to install the unofficial XP “hack”), Apple just made […]

Kama Sutra Worm

The Kama Sutra worm also known as Blackworm, Blackmal or Nyxem will execute its destructive payload on 3rd of this month. Unlike the current worm trend where worms are made for purposes such as spamming and DDOS attacks, Kama Sutra worm actually damages your computer by deleting important files. You might have been infected for […]

Vinyl vs Digital DJing

Vinlys were invented in 1880 as an audio solution for the masses. It became the replacement for the phonograh cylinders because the disc type vinyls were much cheaper to produce, maintain and store. In addition, stereo recording was introduced about 80 years later, bringing yet another new experience to listening to music. As time went […]

Enlightenment DR17 on Fedora Core 4

The last time I gave Enlightenment a try was almost a year ago when I was using Fedora Core 3. Before that, I used Enlightenment sometime back in 1999 since Enlightenment was the desktop of choice for Linux. Today, I decided to give it a try and find out what has been done since then. […]

Google Analytics

If you have a blog or a website and would like to have those stats, go for Google Analytics. I myself have been using AddFreeStats on this blog since last February, but I just moved to Google Analytics. AddFreeStats itself is very impressive. It is free, has all the normal visitor, referrer, etc reports available […]

Google Reader

Again. Another switch.


A lot of people hate Bryce. A lot of 3D Max and Maya people hate Bryce. Just because it is a hell lot easier to create landscapes with Bryce. Although an expert can achieve better results with the hardcore applications, Bryce is something very intuitive and very easy to use. aE taught me some basic […]

Pandora - The Music Genome Project

Music retrieval/suggestion systems are still very new. None of it is perfect. This is for obvious reasons ofcourse. Even us human cannot properly express what kind of music we actually like. Even if you say rock, or jazz, does not mean that you like all the rock songs and all the jazz songs. But there […] Base

Finally. Base. A blessing.

WEP Cracking, the FBI Way

WEP cracking usually takes hours. Lots of hours, depending on the amount of traffic on the access point. A few months ago, two FBI agents demonstrated how they were able to crack a WEP enabled access point within a couple of minutes. 3 minutes to be exact. This is unbelievable when compared to, say 3 […]

Reason 3.0

More reasons.

Alphabet Synthesis

I’ve come across a tool that lets people create their own alphabet. It is called the Alphabet Synthesis Machine. Why would anyone want his or her own alphabet? Who cares. First you draw a reference glyph, and the program will generate some characters for you. You can then adjust the levels of various characteristics such […]

Reason Called

Got hold of Reason 2.5 today. The original, ofcourse. This is a great piece of work, and I’ve had bad luck trying to crack a pirated copy. It really lives up to it’s notorious reputation for quality sound. The bad news is that Reason 3.0 is already under beta testing.

Fall of the Torrents?

SuprNova and Torrentbits and some other major torrent indexes are now gone. It is dissappointing to see the “Napster effect” repeat itself; is centralization of such services a good idea? Rumor says that these shutdowns are escape attempts by the hosts to avoid dealing with the MPAA. LokiTorrent, its adult friendly sister site MuffTorrent, TorrentReactor […]

Calling Reason!

This is Reason 2.5. One of the toughest pieces of software around. After googling the web from to end to end in search of a crack (sorry Propellerheads), I still haven’t found anything that actually works. Propellerheads does this by using some rather annoying tricks, prompting the user to insert a sound bank CD. Making […]

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