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1 Brain Cell vs the Universe

One is micrometers wide, the other light years across. Together they suggest surprisingly similar patterns found vastly in natural phenomena.

Vision 2020: Get out of Maldives!

Some more environmental stuff. Back in the 90’s the global warming models kept suggesting that sea levels could rise by about 3 feet by 2100. That was based on the minimal set of data available. Now with new data (and with the discovery of the exponential rise in temparatures), it is time you change that […]

Global Dimming and the Research in Maldives

Here is the tag line. Scientists have proven that the Northern atolls in the Maldives are getting about 10% less sunlight than the Southern atolls, and it is because of India! Weird and its real, but its not the real concern. It is part of the enviromental fondness known as Global Dimming, which is experienced […]

You are Colorblind too

6 percent of men are having the popular red-green color blindness (known as deuteranomaly), where it is hard to identify between some shades of red and green - they both look either green or red. There are other variants, like the blue-purple blindness and the rare yellow-light green blindness. But you all are thinking that […]

Introducing God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is the newest Internet phenomena, a religion, created in protest against the Kansas State Board of Education’s decision to teach intelligent design as science lessons. This began last week and has captured many audiences, starting from Slashdot ofcourse. If you follow the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you are then known as a Pastafarian. […]

Intelligent Design vs Darwin’s Evolution: Bad Idea

So much for the evolution vs intelligent design debates. Basically, the religious folks say that the universe was created just 10,000 years ago and it was created as it is now, and humans did not evolve from apes. On the other side, the science folks have fossils and other various material to support the evolution […]

World Usability Day

Today is the World Usability Day. Today is the day for people who asked the questions, “Why doesn’t this work better? Why can’t they make this is easier?” BBC has run a survey and according to the results, the worst candidate is DVD package wrapping, and the best is, obviously, the iPod.
I would agree on […]

Weather Forecast for August 2060?

If you are lucky you, or unlucky if you say, you may get to see those days. The arctic will start to see ice-less (almost) summers. The sea level will rise by about half a foot. The North Atlantic current and the Pacific streams will be on steroids, extreme hurricanes, typhoons, heat waves. Every year […]

Crocodiles : The HIV Killers

Here it is. The crocodile’s immune system kills HIV. It is not just resistant, or just good in fighting and controlling HIV, but it actually kills the HIV. Ah, don’t we all love crocodiles now? All these days humans have been looking for this and now we can finally make sense of that silly grin […]

90 Feet High Waves

US scientists measured waves taller than 90 feet (with misses that could be as high as 137 feet) in the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane Ivan. This is the real world’s version of the Perfect Storm, the tallest waves ever recorded. Imagine your average dhoni ride in such waves. Thrilling thought. Read the article on […]

The Golden Ratio and the Marquardt Mask (1:1.618)

Some of you may have heard about the Marquardt mask, or the mathematical formula for the perfect face. It is said that beauty can be proven with numbers. By applying phi (the golden ratio 1:1.618) to your face, you can determine if you are good looking or not. For example, if the width of your […]

Statistically Proven Future Prediction

Professor Robert Jahn of Princeton University conducted research and experiments on some of the paranormal phenomena such as mind reading, future prediction, extrasensory perception or ESP and telekinesis (mind over matter). He was particularly interested in why these subjects exist and he was set to find out the roots of the claims and then to […]

Relativity for the Layman

Do you understand the special theory of relativity? Prove it, and earn $30,000. The deadline is March 31st.

New Theory for the Great Dying

According to a recent study by a group of scientists in the University of Washington, it was not an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, but global warming and air pollution caused by volcanoes. After doing intensive research on fossils discovered in Africa, the scientists concluded that there were two such extinctions. The first extinction happened […]

Artificial Life

Recently there has been many articles published about developments in synthetic biology. Synthetic biology refers to building functional objects by combining active biological components. The resulting object could be a processor made of living cells, unicellular organisms that could detect and eliminate cancer cells or glow-in-the-dark plants. The field is actually about 3 decades old, […]

Edge Annual Question 2005

Everyone would have something they believe to be true but cannot prove. This year’s Edge Annual Question is “What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?”. About 160 contributors have given their answers. The contributors are a group of known big thinkers including scientists, writers, doctors and businessmen. The document is […]

The Earthquake and the Earth

Geophysicists in NASA’s JPL have theorized the changes to the planet’s rotation and the position on its axis after the 9.0 magnitute earthquake. If NASA says so, then be it.

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