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Vinyl vs Digital DJing

Vinlys were invented in 1880 as an audio solution for the masses. It became the replacement for the phonograh cylinders because the disc type vinyls were much cheaper to produce, maintain and store. In addition, stereo recording was introduced about 80 years later, bringing yet another new experience to listening to music. As time went […]

This is Progressive

The uplifting side of electronic music. Kudos to the talents that create previously unheard sounds. This is everything progressive.
Tracklist :

Nacca - Torika (Martin Garcia Remix)
Mr.C - Circles (Murk Mix)
The Test Tube Twins - You Want It (Original Mix)
KPAX - Each Highier Level (Original Mix)
Di Paul - In Your Soul (Thomas Penton Mix)
Mikel Curcio - Loosing […]

All Your Drums

This is a one hour dark progressive house set. It is a combination of dark, techy and tribal elements with extra emphasis on the drums. I posted this first on last September. Finally, it is here on this blog.

Filmpalast - Istambul (DJ Remy Remix)
Dubstructure - Know It (Once)
Suzanne Palmer - Sound of the Drum […]

Traktor 3

When it comes to DJ software, Native Instruments is the father, the mother, and child of all DJ software. This is said for the quality and usability. Traktor is their DJ line of software and with version 3 they have gone beyond the traditional 2 deck setup that was previously found on all professional DJ […]

Essential Product : Tapewire

The most annoying thing about home speaker systems are the cables. You place two speakers at the back, two infront, the woofer somewhere far and so on; only to find that you also need to deal with messy cables now running all over the place. Wireless speakers don’t have that much power, and battery issues […]

ReBirth Museum

ReBirth was the one and only software synthesizer of choice. That was before. It was taken over by big brother Reason and Propellerhead Software has done a nice thing by stopping ReBirth and creating the ReBirth Museum for our memories. They are inviting people to take away free goodies from the museum, including ReBirth itself.
ReBirth […]

Pandora - The Music Genome Project

Music retrieval/suggestion systems are still very new. None of it is perfect. This is for obvious reasons ofcourse. Even us human cannot properly express what kind of music we actually like. Even if you say rock, or jazz, does not mean that you like all the rock songs and all the jazz songs. But there […]

Bob Moog

Bob Moog, has passed away. He invented the first synthesizer in 1964, inspiring a new genre in music - electronic music. The legacy synthesizer, the MiniMoog, is emulated even today and his signature tones are much respected in the instruments industry. As of today, the synthesizers have moved from hardware to software, making them more […]

On Progressive

Having the title ‘progressive’ up there, I never wrote anything that was directly related to the title itself. Progressive here refers to a type of electronic music, a niche genre people refer to as progressive house. The music is characterized by a layered step by step build up, or rather the calculated introduction of instruments […]

Propellerhead on Dr. Rex

Heard it before? In all likelihood, yes. Oddly enough, the use of loops still remains a somewhat controversial issue. It’s in the twilight zone, that fuzzy grey area between artistry and “pushing a button”. After all, a loop is the product of someone else’s efforts, talent and creativity. But then again, isn’t that true for […]

Reason 3.0

More reasons.

Vote for

Vote for on the Winter Music Conference Ballot 2005. Respect to the masters on the forefront of the greatest underground progressive maestros.

The Holy Grail of Electronic Music

Developed by MIT students Ben Recht and James Patten, the Audiopad is a radical approach to creating and manipulating music. The user interaction is similar to what we saw in Minority Report. The musical components, samples and synthesizer inputs are represented by objects on the pad; and the acoustic characteristics such as waveforms, filters, compression […]

Reason Called

Got hold of Reason 2.5 today. The original, ofcourse. This is a great piece of work, and I’ve had bad luck trying to crack a pirated copy. It really lives up to it’s notorious reputation for quality sound. The bad news is that Reason 3.0 is already under beta testing.

iPod mini Review

Finally I am bored, the fun is gone. The average social human mind is so used to doing regular stuff that they find it torturing to sit quietly during their commute. Be it jogging, taking a nap or waiting for someone, it is a must that you engage in some kind of physical or mental […]

The Prodigy’s New Mess

The Prodigy was a genuine inspiration during the 90’s. Their flagship album Fat of the Land claimed more listeners into the electronic mainstream than any other album ever recorded. However, their latest release, Always Outnumber, Never Outgunned has become a major disappointment. The album is entirely Liam’s solo work, and it was his decision to […]

Calling Reason!

This is Reason 2.5. One of the toughest pieces of software around. After googling the web from to end to end in search of a crack (sorry Propellerheads), I still haven’t found anything that actually works. Propellerheads does this by using some rather annoying tricks, prompting the user to insert a sound bank CD. Making […]

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