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Maldives No Longer an Enemy of the Internet

Reporters Without Borders updated their list of “Enemies of the Internet”. Maldives, Nepal and Libya were removed from the list and Egypt added.
RSF says:
No cyber-dissident has been imprisoned in the Maldives since Fathimath Nisreen, Mohamed Zaki and Ahmad Didi were released between May 2005 and February 2006. President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is still viewed […]

Photo: Infidel at the Firefox Party

Digg this up. It must reach the front page.
* note: this is a Digg link to a Flickr image.

Anti Censoring Campaign by Amnesty

Adj. (1) Impossible to repress or control.

Homemade Comics

Just discovered this local comic effort called Project Andhiri.

Marao Island - Where is it?

Again, I just read about a Marao Island in the Maldives being used by the Chinese as a military base. There has been many reports since 2001 that the Maldivian government leased this so called Marao Island to China for at least 25 years to be used for military purposes. These reports also say that […]

Vision 2020: Get out of Maldives!

Some more environmental stuff. Back in the 90’s the global warming models kept suggesting that sea levels could rise by about 3 feet by 2100. That was based on the minimal set of data available. Now with new data (and with the discovery of the exponential rise in temparatures), it is time you change that […]

Global Dimming and the Research in Maldives

Here is the tag line. Scientists have proven that the Northern atolls in the Maldives are getting about 10% less sunlight than the Southern atolls, and it is because of India! Weird and its real, but its not the real concern. It is part of the enviromental fondness known as Global Dimming, which is experienced […]

Mega Yachts - Pelorus and Carinthia VII

This week I got myself googling for billionaire yacht photos. Why? One afternoon on my way to lunch I got a glimpse of what looked like an over-sized speed boat. The definition, the proportions and the design was none other than perfection. I carried on. A day or two later, another monstrous yacht caught […]

Reload is Now Open

Reload game station is now open. Finally, a decent place where you can play hardcore PC games. In the past we have seen Dhiraagu and Icon promote their cybercafe’s as game stations. But any gamer who visited any of those places would have been disappointed by the fact that you really cannot play a good […]

Why the Uprising?

Well, this is something I never knew before. Check it out.

Street Law Enforcement in Progress

Watch this 2 minute clip of two mobile phone thieves caught live being given a haircut on the streets. They were beaten up, stripped, given a haircut and handed over to the cops by street gangs. One guy wasn’t wearing any underwear and he was lucky to have his pants back; and not surprisingly the […]

Qasim Ibrahim Dot Com

Who runs ? I think the content now has nothing to do with his view, since he was “reformed”. Apparently this was setup by Villa scholarship students when he was arrested last year, and not much updating has been done after that. I think he would hate this idea of a domain running under […]

Stupid Phone Dealers

I went into the phone shop called i-Mobile, the small shope near the Wataniya’s shop in Majeedee Magu and asked if they had Nokia N90 available. The guy at the shop said that it will be available next Sunday but he was not sure of the price yet and that many people have inquired about […]

Controversy On Drafting a Criminal Code for the Maldives

When the government, in collaboration with the UNDP started to work on drafting the new criminal code, there were some controversial criticism on why the consultant, Paul Robinson a Law School Professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s, decided to take the project. There were comments by well known anti-Islamic writer Daniel Pipes in his article, […]

Black Friday Comic Strips

Presented by Third Frame Studios Strip Generator

Out on the Streets.
Daytime Protests.
Riot Police.

Greetings to Readers from Fact Maldives

Greetings to the readers coming from Fact Maldives. This blog has been “Fact Maldives”ed. But what on earth is that about the GPS? Apparently the writer is quite informed, but deliberately writes wrong information, as in Sofwath’s name being written wrong. Deliberately in the sense thinking that it would divert suspicion from the real authors.
It […]

Tsunami Artifacts, Lost and Found

The tsunami washed an entire Indonesian coastline on 26th December 2004 killing thousands of people and destroying thousands of homes. These items have been identified to be of Indonesian origin. Although these are a few, they have been found in the Maldives, all the way in the middle of the Indian Ocean (4 hour flight […]

Maumoon’s Wedding Photo

I got hold of a cut-out from an old newspaper. It had the wedding photo of Maumoon and Nasreena. I haven’t seen this before, and I suppose many of you haven’t seen this either.

Tsunami and Atoll O

I have seen some of the places and people who were badly affected by the tsunami. These tsunami victims are still what they were, that is, tsunami victims. They still talk about it, on and on and almost to everyone new they meet. Why should not they? Their houses are still as they were, half […]

Poor People Using Mobile Phones?

Check this article on It says “Dhiraagu introduces prepaid vouchers for the poor“. This is sick! Poor people with mobile phones? How can somebody be poor and still subscribe to a prepaid mobile service? Hell with whoever wrote it. This is pure racism (or whatever is the correct term to use there). This is […]

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