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Maldives No Longer an Enemy of the Internet

Reporters Without Borders updated their list of “Enemies of the Internet”. Maldives, Nepal and Libya were removed from the list and Egypt added.
RSF says:
No cyber-dissident has been imprisoned in the Maldives since Fathimath Nisreen, Mohamed Zaki and Ahmad Didi were released between May 2005 and February 2006. President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is still viewed […]

Photo: Infidel at the Firefox Party

Digg this up. It must reach the front page.
* note: this is a Digg link to a Flickr image.

Spreading Firefox, Using a Sword

Al-Qaeda threat: Use Firefox or die! While you are at it, they advice you to use Adblocker to cripple the western economy. More to that. On 9th September, Firefox released version 1.5 beta 1, and a massive terrorist plot was foiled on the same day. Coincidence? I say no! This radical so called Firefox movement […]

Curse the Fucking Smileys

Gone are the days of the X10 Spy Camera and Bonzi Buddy’s rule of the internet. These smileys are here to piss you off day and night, now with sound, jumping up and down across each and every bloody website you visit. Damn.

Public Domain Videos

“100% handpicked content chosen to inform, educate, shock and entertain you” - visit.

Screenshots: Gmail for your Domain

Several months ago I filled the beta tester application. Today I got the approval. Here are the control panel screenshots for the curious.
Apologies for the rather intrusive censoring there. Had to do it.


User Management

All Email Addresses Viewing

Mailing Lists

Domain Settings

Advanced Tools

Ruby on Rails Hosting is Cheap

It was just like yesterday everybody was talking about the new thing Ruby on Rails. Anybody who tried it promises to never go back to PHP land. But following that promise comes the complains that it will take a long time for web hosting services to support it. Only a handful, with TextDrive as the […]

Thank You!

For more information visit Proton Radio.

Kama Sutra Worm

The Kama Sutra worm also known as Blackworm, Blackmal or Nyxem will execute its destructive payload on 3rd of this month. Unlike the current worm trend where worms are made for purposes such as spamming and DDOS attacks, Kama Sutra worm actually damages your computer by deleting important files. You might have been infected for […]

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Blog

Sir Tim Berners-Lee started a blog in his userspace in DIG. People discovered it, and the news spread like wildfire. Everyone flocked, and started commenting. 455 comments to be exact, forcing him to disable comments. You ask me if this is news? Nope, just something worth mentioning and that particular blog is worth keeping an […]

WiMAX vs CDMA/OFDM Roundup

Recently I read a very interesting article about Qualcomm’s attempt to gun out WiMAX. It is a surprise that a company would attempt to single handedly take on what the rest of the planet is promising to be the future of wireless communications. We’ve been hearing about this WiMAX for months and months now and […]


Back in year X, we saw the light of service Y. But it didn’t really kick off. To use the service Y, you needed a device Z. Service Y was a major failure because it was lacking the applications such as A, B and C. Users were not able to do things like H, I […]

Introducing God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism is the newest Internet phenomena, a religion, created in protest against the Kansas State Board of Education’s decision to teach intelligent design as science lessons. This began last week and has captured many audiences, starting from Slashdot ofcourse. If you follow the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you are then known as a Pastafarian. […]

Google Reader

Again. Another switch.

Ethical Hacking. See! I am a Good Person!

This is an email I just sent to the system administrator of a very popular website. I prefer not to give the website’s name or the exploit right now, but I will do it later. There are hundreds or even thousands of websites and blogs vulnerable to this particular hack. Experimenting with the new exploit […]

Greetings to Readers from Fact Maldives

Greetings to the readers coming from Fact Maldives. This blog has been “Fact Maldives”ed. But what on earth is that about the GPS? Apparently the writer is quite informed, but deliberately writes wrong information, as in Sofwath’s name being written wrong. Deliberately in the sense thinking that it would divert suspicion from the real authors.
It […]

Greetings to Visitors

Greetings to the readers coming from Hack Details

Chopey has made public the exploit on TM. What I’ve got to say to TM is never ever to make a dynamic website. Nope, not ever. The reason being, most of the web designers lack the essential knowledge to make it secure. Anybody can make websites now. And a handful of people know how to […] Hacked! has been washed out. Apparently, somebody got the username and the password and decided to have some fun with it. There were some nasty news posts and the admins found it out and decided to remove the entire thing. Good choice. If it is broken, get rid of it.
Now, the person who is paying […]

WEP Cracking, the FBI Way

WEP cracking usually takes hours. Lots of hours, depending on the amount of traffic on the access point. A few months ago, two FBI agents demonstrated how they were able to crack a WEP enabled access point within a couple of minutes. 3 minutes to be exact. This is unbelievable when compared to, say 3 […]

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