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Apple Boot Camp

Hell just froze over Redmond. Apple is officially supporting Windows XP on the new Intel based Macs. Boot Camp by Apple lets you install Windows XP on your Mac, without screwing the system. If you were thinking of switching (and had the money and didn’t want to install the unofficial XP “hack”), Apple just made […]

The UMPC (aka Microsoft Origami Project)

Last week we saw the light of a whole new PC category accounced by Intel and Microsoft, the Ultra Mobile Personal Computer. It is not a laptop, not a desktop, not a PDA, not a phone - it fits somewhere in there. It is bigger than a Palm, much smaller than a laptop, but it […]

Vinyl vs Digital DJing

Vinlys were invented in 1880 as an audio solution for the masses. It became the replacement for the phonograh cylinders because the disc type vinyls were much cheaper to produce, maintain and store. In addition, stereo recording was introduced about 80 years later, bringing yet another new experience to listening to music. As time went […]

WiMAX vs CDMA/OFDM Roundup

Recently I read a very interesting article about Qualcomm’s attempt to gun out WiMAX. It is a surprise that a company would attempt to single handedly take on what the rest of the planet is promising to be the future of wireless communications. We’ve been hearing about this WiMAX for months and months now and […]

Essential Product : Tapewire

The most annoying thing about home speaker systems are the cables. You place two speakers at the back, two infront, the woofer somewhere far and so on; only to find that you also need to deal with messy cables now running all over the place. Wireless speakers don’t have that much power, and battery issues […]

PocketMod, Your Disposable PDA

Okay, it is a PDA without the ‘D’ because it is made of paper. More like your regular organizer. But this PocketMod can become really handy, it is free and the idea is cool.

Select a mod, say a calendar sheet, contact, to-do list. Your PocketMod can have upto 6 mods.
Preview your mod and drag it […]

WEP Cracking, the FBI Way

WEP cracking usually takes hours. Lots of hours, depending on the amount of traffic on the access point. A few months ago, two FBI agents demonstrated how they were able to crack a WEP enabled access point within a couple of minutes. 3 minutes to be exact. This is unbelievable when compared to, say 3 […]

End of Moore’s Law

Well, it is not really a law, but some sort of a hypothesis? After 40 years, Gordon Moore says that Moore’s Law is dead.

Intel Aside, Cell Inside

IBM, Toshiba and Sony are saying that they have developed the Intel killer. Their development, the Cell microprocessor, is claimed to achieve supercomputer performance at clock speeds above 4GHz. They say that the processor can perform 10 times faster than the average Pentium 4 PC.Sony plans to use the chip on its new Playstation 3 […]

The Holy Grail of Electronic Music

Developed by MIT students Ben Recht and James Patten, the Audiopad is a radical approach to creating and manipulating music. The user interaction is similar to what we saw in Minority Report. The musical components, samples and synthesizer inputs are represented by objects on the pad; and the acoustic characteristics such as waveforms, filters, compression […]

iPod mini Review

Finally I am bored, the fun is gone. The average social human mind is so used to doing regular stuff that they find it torturing to sit quietly during their commute. Be it jogging, taking a nap or waiting for someone, it is a must that you engage in some kind of physical or mental […]

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