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Command and Conquer 3 (Tiberium Wars) Screenshots

Good news for C&C fanboys. Command and Conquer 3 is probably what all RTS fans have been waiting for. Maybe a little bit of a disappointment for some because it is not an extension of Generals - it is more of an extension of Renegade, Yuri sector if you will, it is set in the […]

Reload is Now Open

Reload game station is now open. Finally, a decent place where you can play hardcore PC games. In the past we have seen Dhiraagu and Icon promote their cybercafe’s as game stations. But any gamer who visited any of those places would have been disappointed by the fact that you really cannot play a good […]

Average Age of Gamers

Surprised to know that 75% of the Americans play video games, and that their average age is 30. I still have some time to buy a console.

Rockstar Classics

There is no GTA like GTA2. The wonderful world of 2D graphics and retro music. When you have a slow computer, insomnia, sleepy girlfriend, smokes, coffee and pizza money, GTA2 becomes your best friend. Get the Rockstar Classics for free.

Project Entropia, an MMORPG

Project Entropia is what they say, a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy. Your task is to play the role of a citizen in a huge online community; although the designers themselves do not encourage the use of the word “play” in this one. This is not a new thing, mind you. It […]

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