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I am Ruby on Rails’ Bitc… err Tr.. Whatever!

Yes that phrase “Ruby on Rails” has been sounding in my ears for a long time, probably ever since it came into existence. It did not matter much really. It was yet another programming language, framework, whatever - so who cares. There are lots of things like that, the world has more than enough MVC […]

Are You Ready?

Dosbe and Simon are planning to start a nation wide programming competition. The challenge would not be to come up with an enterprise business solution, but to solve a small but tricky programming problem, like beating the clock in sorting a million numbers or programming the fastest Thaana OCR. Take a look at Dosbe’s post, […]

4 8 15 16 23 42

What could these numbers mean anyway? Haven’t spent any time on it myself, but many people seem to be going nuts over this mysterious website, What it says is :
4 8 15 16 23 42
The secret shall be revealed.

What the heck? This could just be some wise […]

Greetings to Visitors from

Greetings to visitors from and (looks like a Spanish version ripoff of Over 200 downloads from in a single day. Not bad. My thanks to Dwergs (owner of for discovering the MSN sniffer post and putting it up on!

Perl MSN Sniffer

Given below is my version of the popular Msndump program. The program published on SecuriTeam is about 150 lines long and supports reading data from a pcap capture file. I was able to reduce it down to about 35 lines without the file reading functions, instead this version just captures live traffic and displays it […]

OOP is not for Dinosaurs

If you are a big fan of OOP, you might feel uncomfortable reading this story. If you follow OOP, take a moment and ask yourself if your code is infact object oriented, and nothing but object oriented. According to the article, OOP just adds layers to your code and thats it. This is with reference […]

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