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Maldives No Longer an Enemy of the Internet

Reporters Without Borders updated their list of “Enemies of the Internet”. Maldives, Nepal and Libya were removed from the list and Egypt added.
RSF says:
No cyber-dissident has been imprisoned in the Maldives since Fathimath Nisreen, Mohamed Zaki and Ahmad Didi were released between May 2005 and February 2006. President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is still viewed […]

Advanced AdSense Techniques

These three methods are not discussed as often as the rest of the tricks. Apart from the obvious color matching and heatmap guided positioning, these methods, if done right, can help a publisher achieve and maintain at least 6% CTR on a website where search engines are the main source of traffic.

1. Blending the Fonts
Color […]

Anti Censoring Campaign by Amnesty

Adj. (1) Impossible to repress or control.

Just Made $100 in AdSense

Whats the significance? Well you need to earn at least 100 dollars for you to actually get any money in your pocket. Okay, so there are blogs and websites that make more than this every single hour - but hey there are even more who don’t make any! The sad thing is that it took […]

Blogging with a Mobile Phone

It is called moblogging and there has been a lot of hype and misunderstandings about it. Particularly because most guides and how-to documentations discuss within specific limitations or rather because they are focused on just one method in one service. Moblogging is actually much easier and you can do it with almost any type of […]

AdSense Tips: What Decides the Ads that Get Displayed?

Time for some Adsense tips. If you have a blog or a website you must be familiar with Google AdSense, and the chances are high that you have already earned some dollars with it. When started giving away AdSense accounts for blogs we saw a boom in AdSense users. But only a few bloggers […]

The Best Blonde Joke Ever - Seriously!

You have to check this out! This is absolutely the most funniest - the best blonde joke ever.

What the F*@$?

Q: What the f*@$ did you do to your blog?
A: Can’t you see? I *@^ed it!
Q: But the black one looked better.
A: Right, and it did well for its time.
Please update your bookmarks and feed reader links
This is WordPress […]

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Blog

Sir Tim Berners-Lee started a blog in his userspace in DIG. People discovered it, and the news spread like wildfire. Everyone flocked, and started commenting. 455 comments to be exact, forcing him to disable comments. You ask me if this is news? Nope, just something worth mentioning and that particular blog is worth keeping an […]

In Case You Missed: Digital Squid

Visit the Digital Squid blog for the latest local tech related stories. Previously there was no central point of discussion for teleco related topics in the Maldives, and the Digital Squid has taken the hotspot and is set to stay that way. They also accept stories from contributors, so if you have got something interesting […]

Google Analytics

If you have a blog or a website and would like to have those stats, go for Google Analytics. I myself have been using AddFreeStats on this blog since last February, but I just moved to Google Analytics. AddFreeStats itself is very impressive. It is free, has all the normal visitor, referrer, etc reports available […]

Blogging Goes On

Probably because there were only 3 posts last month, one might have thought that this blog went into history. Luckily there were some visitors. In October, the traffic was three times as much as it was back in June and it continues to grow. That is good.
r - daily unique
g - total
b - page views

Blogger’s Handbook

Reporters Without Borders published a handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents in places where there is no freedom of expression. This handbook gives tips on remaining anonymous in the blogosphere. They also have a list of country leaders who do not allow freedom of expression.

Reader Feedback 2 - Politics and Porn

Hiya Ashraf,
Me wanted to comment on “Reader Feedback - Politics & Porn“. I’m delighted to hear you are planning to activate comments again. Not many good Maldivian blogs out there and I rather like yours.
About that post, Politics and Porn, I loved the sarcasm! Although, I’m not sure whether I should be glad I read […]

Blog Post from the Past

Thursday, August 14, 1980
Born Finally. Yay!
I just got born today! Finally! I am so sick and tired of being inside somebody else for as long as I started blogging. Anyway, this place looks very strange, it is very big and has strange looking objects. Surprisingly, there are many other people here too, and they are […]

Politics and Porn

hey i chked ure blog…prty nice…advertisin ppls blogs n all…but the thing i notice most of the blogs r almos all abt politiks…yea well there aint anythin intrestin for the ppl of maldives other than this rite…well hope u chk out mine…
Well let me tell you one thing. Of all readers who visit this blog, […]

Squidism - The Lost Arc

This is probably one of the oldest blogs around. It got posts from April 2001 to April 2004 by many contributors. It has many wierd things, like #kotari argument logs between Inn and Ismath when Inn mistakenly banned Windrose, some guy commanding a bnc to give the password in military style, September 11 attacks news, […]

Ethical Hacking. See! I am a Good Person!

This is an email I just sent to the system administrator of a very popular website. I prefer not to give the website’s name or the exploit right now, but I will do it later. There are hundreds or even thousands of websites and blogs vulnerable to this particular hack. Experimenting with the new exploit […]

Publish Your Thoughts, Start a Blog Now!

This is an attempt to promote blogging. This is for those of you who wish to have an online presence, those of you who want to write things online, but do not want the hassle of maintaning a monstrous website. You should start a weblog. A weblog, or a blog, is just a website in […]

Greetings to Readers from Fact Maldives

Greetings to the readers coming from Fact Maldives. This blog has been “Fact Maldives”ed. But what on earth is that about the GPS? Apparently the writer is quite informed, but deliberately writes wrong information, as in Sofwath’s name being written wrong. Deliberately in the sense thinking that it would divert suspicion from the real authors.
It […]

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