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Marao Island - Where is it?

Again, I just read about a Marao Island in the Maldives being used by the Chinese as a military base. There has been many reports since 2001 that the Maldivian government leased this so called Marao Island to China for at least 25 years to be used for military purposes. These reports also say that Marao island is just 40 kilometers away from Male’ and that Marao island is the largest island in the country. Heh.

At least there were counter-reports saying that this island does not exist and that report was a total hoax. That is correct. But any Maldivian would be surprised at the number of results you get if you searched google for this fantasy land Marao Island.

Vision 2020: Get out of Maldives!

Some more environmental stuff. Back in the 90’s the global warming models kept suggesting that sea levels could rise by about 3 feet by 2100. That was based on the minimal set of data available. Now with new data (and with the discovery of the exponential rise in temperatures), it is time you change that 3 feet to 18 feet. Yes 18 feet! That is way up over our heads. Big cities like London and New York are going to be underwater too.

So what are these new results about? The latest data suggests that at the present rate, Earth’s temperature would rise to the level as it was 130,000 years ago. In that time, the sea levels were about 20 feet higher - and that was because of the heat melting Arctic ice. Back then, the Earth was slightly tilted on the axis than it is today and it caused the polar regions to experience much warmer summers.

So, by the time we get done with the 2020 stuff, we should be making evacuation plans. Make sure you are not moving to a coastal city. Pick a place with an altitude of about 100 feet.

Some reference - Basque News, BBC and Google search.

Global Dimming and the Research in Maldives

Here is the tag line. Scientists have proven that the Northern atolls in the Maldives are getting about 10% less sunlight than the Southern atolls, and it is because of India! Weird and its real, but its not the real concern. It is part of the enviromental fondness known as Global Dimming, which is experienced in many parts across the globe as it says, and it is set to change almost everything we’ve previously thought about climate change - including Global Warming.

Sometime in the late 90s there was a group of scientists here in the Maldives doing a reasearch on the amount sunlight reaching the Indian Ocean. They spent 25 million dollars on the project, it took about 4 years and they used nearly all sorts of methods to measure. I saw it on the local news when they first started it, the project was called INDOEX. I always thought that it was a useless experiment and that those measurements would end up in some scientific library to be left unused for years - I saw no point in such a rush and such a huge undertaking just to get a figure on how much solar energy the Maldivian atolls were getting. What the heck eh? But obviously I never bothered to read much about it, now that I have seen the BBC documentary, I wish I did some references earlier.


Mega Yachts - Pelorus and Carinthia VII

This week I got myself googling for billionaire yacht photos. Why? One afternoon on my way to lunch I got a glimpse of what looked like an over-sized speed boat. The definition, the proportions and the design was none other than perfection. I carried on. A day or two later, another monstrous yacht caught my eye, it was painted blue and again, this one was also a clear symbol of luxury and extreme design. I couldn’t resist trying to find out more about those yachtes.

They were Pelorus and Carinthia VII, known to be the most beautiful yachts in the world. Both of them were designed by yacht designer Tim Heywood for Lurssen Yacht USA. They both are listed amongst the biggest yachts in the world. Pelorus is owned by Chelsea Football Club’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich. Many pages on the internet say that Carinthia VII is owned by an Austrian named Heidi Horten, but some pages say that it belongs to Abramovich too. I assume the latter would be correct.

Some time ago, Paul Allen’s Octopus was also seen in this area and Chopey blogged it.

A Website for the National Museum

Would anyone want to have a website for our National Museum? I never went inside the place, never. I’ve heard that they have got on display some swords and shields and cuttlery gifted by Sri Lanka. Not to blame anybody but that is what we’ve got. The thing is somebody has taken the trouble of actually making a small website on geocities, and I do not think many of us have seen it.Visit the unofficial National Museum website.

Waiting for a Tsunami

So there was another earthquake. 8.7 on the richter scale. It has been over 3 hours since it happened and a tsunami is possible. The thing is, we felt the earthquake, we had the updates within minutes and we are hearing the experts warn about a possible tsunami. But there is no place to go. If there is a giant wave, let it come and kill us all. There is absolutely nothing we can do.

We are Tsunami Proof

The tsunamis that swept Maldives travelled the entire Indian Ocean and took lives from people living on the African coast line. The damage here was relatively less, and the waves themselves did not show the strength it carried with it. According to an environment specialist working in the president’s office :

The Maldives islands are so flat, small and low that the tsunami may not have even noticed us in its path.

Perhaps it was not the low altitude that spared us. When we are talking about the way tsunamis react to land, what really matters is how the land looks like from the deep sea. My opinion is that the structure of atolls, as observed from the ocean floor looks like huge peaking mountains, and the wall of water simply slipped through the deep sea valleys. If we had a bigger land area, the water would just push upwards, the waves would attain greater height and the result would be catastrophic as seen in Sri Lanka. Tsunamis will have a hard time showing off their worst in this country.

The official website for the National Disaster Management Center is now up and running. It took a while before n3m6, Morbid, Waddey and Inn came to common terms with Medusa. The media gallery is being compiled at the moment. All the vidoes and photos available will be published. The project is headed by Simon.

The Best Tsunami Video

Haveeru is publishing 2 videos taken by a school teacher in Kandholhudhoo. These videos can give you an idea of how high the waves were, or rather how low lying the Maldivian islands really are.Recent edit:
Download video here.

Haveeru does not have the videos available now. The link above points to and the site has the exact video plus many other videos and photos available for download.