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Lost Uploads

  • Crawled and added 3,000 junk (or spam) product posts.
  • Made some money with adsense.
  • Blog was then frozen by the web host for suspicious activities.
  • Lost all the images and any other uploads.
  • Restored with the backup.
  • Basically, “yeah whatever”.

Save Internet Radio!

Internet radio is in danger. In March a new copyright law was passed in the US that obliges online broadcasters to pay a ridiculously high royalty, that could force a lot of popular online radio stations to close down. Free services like Pandora,, Digitally Imported and Proton Radio (thankfully the electronic music record companies are more easy on this) may come to a halt. The online radio industry does not have a strong presence as to face legal situations like this. The industry is still in its young age coming up with new innovations in areas like music suggestion and social ratings. Now it has to deal with the some of the wackiest lawyers in the world. So what can the average listener do? Sign the petition of course.

Stay updated on this at and sign the petition at

Listen to internet radio (my favorite services in order) Pandora, Proton Radio, Soma FM, Digitally Imported,

Father Regrets Inventing the Internet… Sort of!

“I used to play the cello — and regret that I gave it up so entirely in pursuit of science and math.”

Those were the the actual words of Vint Cerf, the “Father of the Internet”. He actually wanted to be an actor, and even did a small role in Earth: Final Conflict. The lesson is, you may deeply regret giving up your passions, even if you get to do something as huge as inventing the internet. I, for one, still welcome our old cello playing internet inventing actor overload.

Read Vint Cerf’s latest interview.

I got a Joost beta account, and all I can say is that this thing makes YouTube look like child’s play. Joost was started by the creators of Skype, and it claims to bring true internet TV for the masses. It is more like TV than normal internet video - for example, the screen shot shows the National Geographic channel playing, and it has tons of National Geographic videos available on demand.

Internet Cats

Cats are part of the internet culture, and they go perfect with all sorts of internet memes. They found their new place online in the “I’m in your (noun), (verbing) your (nouns)” phenomena.

Visit ICanHasCheezBurger

Public Domain Videos

“100% handpicked content chosen to inform, educate, shock and entertain you” - visit.

Ruby on Rails Hosting is Cheap

It was just like yesterday everybody was talking about the new thing Ruby on Rails. Anybody who tried it promises to never go back to PHP land. But following that promise comes the complains that it will take a long time for web hosting services to support it. Only a handful, with TextDrive as the leader, gave Ruby on Rails hosting accounts. That alone was a reason big enough for many web developers not to jump in to Ruby on Rails too early.

Anyway, this very cloudy day just brought a big smile. To my surprise, I just discovered that my hosting account already has Ruby on Rails support! This is not any fancy hosting account either. I am using a simple GoDaddy plan (the $6.99 per month plan) and Ruby on Rails is already here. Now you all can kiss PHP good bye.

Kama Sutra Worm

The Kama Sutra worm also known as Blackworm, Blackmal or Nyxem will execute its destructive payload on 3rd of this month. Unlike the current worm trend where worms are made for purposes such as spamming and DDOS attacks, Kama Sutra worm actually damages your computer by deleting important files. You might have been infected for a long time, and the worm could be waiting for the right time to execute. This worm does not spread on any new kind of exploit, it spreads being helped by user ignorance. It comes in emails pretending to give away porn and users have to click the attachments to get infected. This would be the first major malware attack this year. Go clean your PCs as a precaution.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Blog

Sir Tim Berners-Lee started a blog in his userspace in DIG. People discovered it, and the news spread like wildfire. Everyone flocked, and started commenting. 455 comments to be exact, forcing him to disable comments. You ask me if this is news? Nope, just something worth mentioning and that particular blog is worth keeping an eye on.

Many people mistake Sir Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet. He created the web, not the net. Al Gore claimed that he invented the internet - and he deserves much laughter for it. For the record, the people who created the net were Vint Cerf, Bob Khan and Lawrence Roberts. Yeah they are all alive.

WiMAX vs CDMA/OFDM Roundup

Recently I read a very interesting article about Qualcomm’s attempt to gun out WiMAX. It is a surprise that a company would attempt to single handedly take on what the rest of the planet is promising to be the future of wireless communications. We’ve been hearing about this WiMAX for months and months now and none of it has seen the light of day yet. That is except for the Unwired’s testbeds in Australia. WiMAX is supposed to be the answer to all our wireless problems. It is hyped to give consumers high speed mobile access to the internet, or just any other IP network. It is said to be the big brother of Wifi - that is current WiFi’s performance and coverage multiplied by a 2 digit figure. The standard is developed and looked after by non other than Intel, having brought about almost all major chip manufacturers and telecos to the table, Intel is promising WiMAX to be as common place as the PC itself. Impressive specs, and nice idea everyone says. But it ain’t here yet.

WiMAX is developed as two standards. 802.16d is the fixed wireless standard, which has been established and finalized, and manufacturers such as Motorola and Navini have already demonstrated base stations and customer premise equipments. 802.16e is supposed to become the mobile WiMAX (imagine high speed WiFi, with coverage like your average GSM provider) but it is not yet a standard, and there ain’t any demonstrations, and critics like Qualcomm would rather not put their money on it. Their argument is very logical. They say that what 802.16e attempts to do is possible even today. Not just possible, it has already been done so.

There is CDMA2000 or 1x EV-DO, people are already getting 2Mbps internet connections on their phones and watching streaming video on them. More to that, 802.16e is to be bound to the 3.5Ghz spectrum. When it comes to urban landscapes, such bands perform at a mark lower than what we call “worse”. The signal can’t even pass through 3 walls. With such arguments, and the rapid progress of other standards such as 1x EV-DO, critics say that 802.16e might die in the womb. As for 802.16d, what it can do was possible years ago, and was done so as well. Fixed wireless services are found everywhere on the planet including here in our town, and they run very well on the 2.4Ghz spectrum and the 5Ghz spectrum, the latter supporting upto 10Mbps. So what is up with WiMAX? Thats all for now, it might be dead meat in the making, or Intel’s edge with the PC’s might just make it yet another cannibal.