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Average Age of Gamers

Surprised to know that 75% of the Americans play video games, and that their average age is 30. I still have some time to buy a console.

Rockstar Classics

There is no GTA like GTA2. The wonderful world of 2D graphics and retro music. When you have a slow computer, insomnia, sleepy girlfriend, smokes, coffee and pizza money, GTA2 becomes your best friend. Get the Rockstar Classics for free.

Project Entropia, an MMORPG

Project Entropia is what they say, a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy. Your task is to play the role of a citizen in a huge online community; although the designers themselves do not encourage the use of the word “play” in this one. This is not a new thing, mind you. It has been around for almost 10 years now and the online population has reached almost 200,000. Here is what you have to do.

1. Download and install their software.
2. Register, get yourself approved for an account.
3. Login and create your profile.
4. Arrive at Calypso in a fancy jet (this is done on your computer, sorry).
5. Get used to your land/country/world.
6. Find buddies, learn hunting, familiarize yourself with the weapons (hunting weapons).
7. Convert some of your real world cash into Project Entropy Dollars.
8. Buy land, goto the auctions, etc.

This all sounds very addictive. Infact, one 22 year old Aussie gamer has spent $26,500 on an island; and he has a plan for it.

1. Develop the beachfront.
2. Sell housing slots.
3. Tax hunters/gold miners.
4. ???
5. Profit!

PED’s can be converted back to real world currency. According to the report on BBC, economists have calculated the gross economic impact of this game to be equivalent to the GDP of the African nation Namibia. Thats about 4 billion dollars.