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Lost Uploads

  • Crawled and added 3,000 junk (or spam) product posts.
  • Made some money with adsense.
  • Blog was then frozen by the web host for suspicious activities.
  • Lost all the images and any other uploads.
  • Restored with the backup.
  • Basically, “yeah whatever”.

Excuse My Blog

Dear Regulars.

I’m going to be doing some stuff here and you will be seeing lots of silly posts, layouts and so on. Please ignore them.

The Dullest Blog in the World

TDBIW is unmatched since May 2003.


A few years ago I made a new year’s resolution not to make any more new year’s resolutions.
Amen to that again!

Advanced AdSense Techniques

These three methods are not discussed as often as the rest of the tricks. Apart from the obvious color matching and heatmap guided positioning, these methods, if done right, can help a publisher achieve and maintain at least 6% CTR on a website where search engines are the main source of traffic.


Anti Censoring Campaign by Amnesty


Adj. (1) Impossible to repress or control.


Blogging with a Mobile Phone

It is called moblogging and there has been a lot of hype and misunderstandings about it. Particularly because most guides and how-to documentations discuss within specific limitations or rather because they are focused on just one method in one service. Moblogging is actually much easier and you can do it with almost any type of blog (Blogger, WordPress, etc) - and there are many ways to do it.

No matter what you have might have read before, it all comes down to just two basic methods. To blog with your phone the least you will need on your phone would email support - you should be able to send emails through SMS or using WAP. The most would be of course full internet access throught GPRS or a similar service.

1. SMS to Email or WAP Only Access

If you have basic WAP access you might not be able to view your blog’s control panel since it may not support the protocol. What you can do is enabling the email posting features on your blog. Enable the “Email to Blog” feature on your Blogger account or the “Write by Email” feature on WordPress. Other platforms do have similar features and they all work the same way.


AdSense Tips: What Decides the Ads that Get Displayed?

Time for some Adsense tips. If you have a blog or a website you must be familiar with Google AdSense, and the chances are high that you have already earned some dollars with it. When started giving away AdSense accounts for blogs we saw a boom in AdSense users. But only a few bloggers wondered how exactly it worked, and only a handful experimented with AdSense, tweaking their blogs to achieve better results. Because of this ignorance by many users, we see a lot of potential being wasted and many users getting frustrated over their blogs having the same ads as the others.

For the perfect example, consider the ads on this page itself. This post is the perfect example for a target for blog related ads. If you read blogs very often or if you are a blogger the ads will look familiar to you - you might even have them on your blog as well. But if you do not visit blogs frequently, you might think of them differently.

1. Observations

One thing we see across many blogs is that the ads on blogs are usually of blog related services, and a lot common set of ads are shown across many blogs. Obviously nobody would like this, since we all want unique ads and ads that are more relevant to the subject of the posts rather than the whole blog. Fortunately, this is not Google’s fault, and there are ways for you to solve this.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Blog

Sir Tim Berners-Lee started a blog in his userspace in DIG. People discovered it, and the news spread like wildfire. Everyone flocked, and started commenting. 455 comments to be exact, forcing him to disable comments. You ask me if this is news? Nope, just something worth mentioning and that particular blog is worth keeping an eye on.

Many people mistake Sir Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet. He created the web, not the net. Al Gore claimed that he invented the internet - and he deserves much laughter for it. For the record, the people who created the net were Vint Cerf, Bob Khan and Lawrence Roberts. Yeah they are all alive.

Google Analytics

If you have a blog or a website and would like to have those stats, go for Google Analytics. I myself have been using AddFreeStats on this blog since last February, but I just moved to Google Analytics. AddFreeStats itself is very impressive. It is free, has all the normal visitor, referrer, etc reports available and most important, the presentation is very neat. Google Analytics is more e-commerce website reporting oriented, and it gives way too much information you might not need or make sense for a blog. But the basics are still there and the presentation is much better. Another main reason is the speed. Google Analytics’ data gathering scripts are downloaded much faster than AddFreeStats’.