Save Internet Radio!

Internet radio is in danger. In March a new copyright law was passed in the US that obliges online broadcasters to pay a ridiculously high royalty, that could force a lot of popular online radio stations to close down. Free services like Pandora,, Digitally Imported and Proton Radio (thankfully the electronic music record companies are more easy on this) may come to a halt. The online radio industry does not have a strong presence as to face legal situations like this. The industry is still in its young age coming up with new innovations in areas like music suggestion and social ratings. Now it has to deal with the some of the wackiest lawyers in the world. So what can the average listener do? Sign the petition of course.

Stay updated on this at and sign the petition at

Listen to internet radio (my favorite services in order) Pandora, Proton Radio, Soma FM, Digitally Imported,

Posted March 16th, 2007 in category culture, internet, music.