7 Things You Learned at School

John Taylor Gatto, a New York State school teacher describes the following points as what the schools actually teach children. He writes in his book titled “Dumbing Us Down”

  1. Confusion
    Schools don’t teach students in sequences of harmony about the system (socio-economic) which they are supposed to learn about as they grow. A good example of this would be learning to crawl, stand, walk, run and talk versus a math lesson followed by gymnastics followed by art lessons followed by religion followed by singing.
  2. Class position
    Everyone has their positions in the social pyramid and you cannot escape nor can you change its make-up. Movement along the steps involve specific time intervals and actions one has to perform during the given time. The workings of the pyramid and how you relate to it is directly related to your age.
  3. Indifference
    Excitement and indulgence in one phase of a social undertaking or event must be completely shut out when the next phase or event is up, which would mostly be of a different area of interest; it is your duty to obey the social schedule no matter how important you may feel about the previous phase.
  4. Emotional dependency
    The system of reward and punishment is taught in school with badges, stars, extra homework and sometimes isolation from class. Free will must be surrendered to the teachers who hold the highiest authority - they are who decide when you can stand up, sit down, go out or talk. One must be “good” in order to feel “good”.
  5. Intellectual dependency
    Before we do something we must all wait until someone who has knowledge tells us what to do, or how to do it. Resistence is met by punishment by the system, and alternative thinking would be overridden by procedures and methods thats already laid out by the system. One has to go to extremes to bring alternatives into acceptance.
  6. Provisional self-esteem
    You are told what you are worth. Report cards that follow tests say how much you are worth. What you, your friends and family think of you stands below the signed certificate issued by the authorities.
  7. One can’t hide
    Your name is in the register and your actions and work and past progress are known and monitored by those superior to you. A break from the procedure will require an acceptable excuse, given in official form. Big brother is watching you.

4 Responses to “7 Things You Learned at School”

  1. Simon Says:

    Very interesting. So basically we’ve been programmed from a very young age. What happens when someone is raised unexposed to these controls? I wonder.

  2. messymissy Says:

    Nice post. How true gatto is.

  3. eythimeethi Says:

    nice one

  4. St|nG Says:

    ummm this is true :)

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