Just Made $100 in AdSense

Whats the significance? Well you need to earn at least 100 dollars for you to actually get any money in your pocket. Okay, so there are blogs and websites that make more than this every single hour - but hey there are even more who don’t make any! The sad thing is that it took a few months to earn this - well thats how bitter it is for startups.

As far as AdSense itself is concerned, this scheme really works. But keep in mind that for it to work, you have to work too. To make a decent money flow (about a few hundreds a month) you need about a hundred useful content rich articles - no, not articles about what you did last night, no cat posts - you need real useful reading material that people will actually search for on the internet.

From the looks of everything on this blog, the “writing quality content” part is where I am lacking, if there is any at all that is. The rest of this whole AdSense business involves fine tuning the website to make it more search friendly. Check these AdSense tips if you are interested.

4 Responses to “Just Made $100 in AdSense”

  1. witcher Says:

    um, isnt it against google adsense policy to disclose earnings?

  2. primary0 Says:

    thats right. thats why only the total is shown.

  3. chalkdust Says:

    hey halo primary rich dude. hehe! long time no see. niccce congratulations :p take care! c ya around


  4. primary0 Says:

    ha ha. very funny

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