Ruby on Rails Hosting is Cheap

It was just like yesterday everybody was talking about the new thing Ruby on Rails. Anybody who tried it promises to never go back to PHP land. But following that promise comes the complains that it will take a long time for web hosting services to support it. Only a handful, with TextDrive as the leader, gave Ruby on Rails hosting accounts. That alone was a reason big enough for many web developers not to jump in to Ruby on Rails too early.

Anyway, this very cloudy day just brought a big smile. To my surprise, I just discovered that my hosting account already has Ruby on Rails support! This is not any fancy hosting account either. I am using a simple GoDaddy plan (the $6.99 per month plan) and Ruby on Rails is already here. Now you all can kiss PHP good bye.

Posted May 6th, 2006 in category internet, linux, ruby on rails, software.