Command and Conquer 3 (Tiberium Wars) Screenshots

Good news for C&C fanboys. Command and Conquer 3 is probably what all RTS fans have been waiting for. Maybe a little bit of a disappointment for some because it is not an extension of Generals - it is more of an extension of Renegade, Yuri sector if you will, it is set in the Tiberian universe. These screens were scanned from a magazine and apparently the publishers aren’t very happy with these going around on blogs. But hey we don’t have the print available within reach.

Coming from the Generals sector of C&C (my bad that I never tried the other C&C releases, because Generals was my first) I must say this is going to rock the RTS world!

Update: It is called Tiberium Wars, not Tiberian Twilight; and this is not a rumor. Time to celebrate!






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  1. gaanagaa Says:

    I saw the news too…. Just thinking.. who are developing it?
    Since the developers of Generals(previously known as Westwood) left EA, which apparently left the game with zillion multiplayer bugs.
    Anyway, if this news is true, this is GOOD NEWS. Ive played all the releases in the C&C family and this seems to be the gaming news of the year for me.
    In that thread some are pointing that this is indeed a sequel for the Tiberian Sun and Firestom(which I played for more than a year). I liked it in the past, BUT I am really looking forward for a Generals-like game from them. ie; I prefer China over Brotherhood of NOD. ;)

  2. blueminies Says:

    I dont play much games but i played red alert some years ago. Is this a newer version of the same thing?

  3. primary0 Says:

    gaanagaa. only a few developers left EA because they didn’t want to be relocated. the father of RTS (also the father of Westwood) are still going along with EALA (EA+Westwood)

  4. wh0kn0wz Says:

    Yay!!, can’t wait to get my hands on this one, finally another reason to upgrade the GPU!!

  5. n3m6 Says:

    Just to a clear up some confusion. This is a sequel to the original Command and Conquer (Tiberian Dawn) and Tiberian Sun, hence the title Command and Conquer 3: Tiberian Wars. C&C Red Alert and C&C Generals are completely different story lines.

  6. RIP Says:

    “In the name of Kane!
    Kane lives in death!!!
    In the name of Kane!!
    Kane lives in death!!!
    In the name of Kane!!!
    Kane… lives!!!
    The time has come… to destroy… G.D.I.!”

    And what about Dune?

  7. Satyricon Says:

    are you insane china are better than nod just cose they had better projectiles as nod such as there nukes i.e cose these days the graphics engines are better.

    nod could waste china nod are faster more aggressive and more the most best part of them stealth as they build up such ranks that appear out of darkness and conquer

    the first time i ever played command and conquer the original was when i was 9 i have been playing command and conquer games for 7 years i have them all in perfect working order from the very orginal apart from renegade cose thats simplp a fps

    tiberian sun and firestorm the expansion are way more exsiting than generals those guys who make the internet series purepwnage
    they are actualy paying out and laughing at how lame generals actualy is as u can tell they like counter strike wich is a good game but when u see the guy who plays generals wait till he aint saying anything see how boring he is hardly doin nothing

    yeah thats right paying out generals

    the truth of the technology of peace is the brotherhood of nod as they fight the gdi tiberian sun the tiberian unerverse is the way i cant wait for command and conquer 3 as they call it tiberian wars i just hope that when u buy units i get one not a swarm cose that makes it alot better alot more challangeing

    bring on command and conquer 3 release it faster if ya can ea lmao

    its guna be imbarrising playing the 3rd one at 18

  8. bandey Says:

    aaah very nice.. im a fan of the westwood chronicles since the beginning….
    cant wait to download the pirated version and play it illegally

  9. adnan Says:

    just tell me when this will release ?

    I have played all versions of c&c red alert and after generals and 0hour and all before and want to play also it and will be champ of the year again.

    contact me at

  10. SoldierofLight Says:


  11. dune200 ordos Says:

    i cant wait but i wonder what happened to the dune series i was looking forward to play dune3000. one day it was on interenet next dune just disappeared.

  12. garafeld Says:

    Great job guys… Thank for you work…

  13. whocares Says:

    sweet it’s about time there was another one, i have been looking forward to this my whole…well a couple of years

  14. whocares Says:

    waiting, i’ll wait here for it

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