Vision 2020: Get out of Maldives!

Some more environmental stuff. Back in the 90’s the global warming models kept suggesting that sea levels could rise by about 3 feet by 2100. That was based on the minimal set of data available. Now with new data (and with the discovery of the exponential rise in temparatures), it is time you change that 3 feet to 18 feet. Yes 18 feet! That is way up over our heads. Big cities like London and New York are going to be underwater too.

So what are these new results about? The latest data suggests that at the present rate, Earth’s temparature would rise to the level as it was 130,000 years ago. In that time, the sea levels were about 20 feet highier - and that was because of the heat melting Arctic ice. Back then, the Earth was slightly tilted on the axis than it is today and it caused the polar regions to experience much warmer summers.

So, by the time we get done with the 2020 stuff, we should be making evacuation plans. Make sure you are not moving to a coastal city. Pick a place with an altitude of about 100 feet.

Some reference - Basque News, BBC and Google search.

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  1. jaa Says:

    Time to head into mongolia. Or better yet, the himalayas. Then again, the US swears this “global warming” data and projections are errornous.

    One of the developed yet low-lying places on earth is Holland. Would be interesting to see what they do.

  2. Europeman Says:

    They would just build bigger walls and dams. Large parts of Netherlands are under sea level already ;)

  3. gwynciar Says:

    u really think that the government would cut down their spending on tourist resorts and heroin to actually *gasp* build a dam?
    not unless the Japanese decide to pity us—again.
    but that’s a good idea, seriously.
    i mean, take it this way: while the polar ice-caps ARE melting, is it also not possible that this is part of a global system of thigns? that the world comes through periodic changes of temperature? there’s an argument to support that? and could it also be that, well, coral reefs (like the ones our islands lie upon) would grow, layer upon layer, which would protect the island from high sea-levels? but this doesnt seem to happen, right? this professor from Stockholm, a Prof. Nils Axel Morner argues that the reason that this doesnt happen is due to pollution-> we dump too much shit into our waters, killing corals, preventing growth, and therefore, letting the tides consume us all. he’s done some field research in the Maldives, and has given a speech on the issue in the House of Lords in teh UK.
    lets see, eh?

  4. primary0 Says:

    hehe yap. lets see. it IS a ‘normal’ thing (climate change) as far as the planet is concerned. there has been ice ages and draughts and warmings and so on. but it never happened when so many humans were here and those ‘normal’ changes (though new to our species) will affect civilization in many ways.

  5. frenzied gal Says:

    eyyyyyyyyyyyyy primary fodi. chalkdust here! kihineh tha. gadhakoffiyey dho! ey habareh ves nuvamennu! keep in touch ingey. take care :)

    -chalkdust/frenziedgal- (same shit)

  6. blueminies Says:

    shall we all go to heaven?? ;)

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