I am Ruby on Rails’ Bitc… err Tr.. Whatever!

Yes that phrase “Ruby on Rails” has been sounding in my ears for a long time, probably ever since it came into existence. It did not matter much really. It was yet another programming language, framework, whatever - so who cares. There are lots of things like that, the world has more than enough MVC frameworks than it ever needed. Not much of a big deal in such a big world. But once I saw this very graphic attack on Java, I knew that I had to give it a try.

class Package < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :customers
validates_uniqueness_of :name

I am telling you. In the past 14 years I have tried 13 programming languages, 3 development platforms, done garbage programming, web programming, win32 applications, hardware interfacing and even industrial robots, yes. But I am telling you, nothing, and nothing even comes close to doing its thing as Ruby on Rails does.

Recently we saw some pointers about these web frameworks - why does one need something so strong and powerful for tiny projects? The answer is simple. It is the same answer you will give me when I ask you why you do not write you web applications in C++ or Assembly. Ruby on Rails fast forwards your typical web development cycle (say PHP) by a how much? Maybe 5 times or say 10 times? If you do not believe me, just try - and rediscover web development.

3 Responses to “I am Ruby on Rails’ Bitc… err Tr.. Whatever!”

  1. kambalhi Says:

    Scaffold a couple times and the excitement wears off pretty fast. Try for a more manly programming language.

  2. primary0 Says:

    whoz talking about excitement? it is the TIME that is saved with ruby code.. ( “scaffolding” aint programming ) ..

    of course ror (or any other language or whatever) can be very very boring unless you have a real world problem to work with. hmm, these kinds of subjects are very “flamewarish”…

    over and out into the redness.

  3. gaanagaa Says:

    I disagree Primary0, Scaffolding is indeed the most common type of programming. Learn scaffolding, there you go,,,,, 15 languages

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