Blogging with a Mobile Phone

It is called moblogging and there has been a lot of hype and misunderstandings about it. Particularly because most guides and how-to documentations discuss within specific limitations or rather because they are focused on just one method in one service. Moblogging is actually much easier and you can do it with almost any type of blog (Blogger, WordPress, etc) - and there are many ways to do it.

No matter what you have might have read before, it all comes down to just two basic methods. To blog with your phone the least you will need on your phone would email support - you should be able to send emails through SMS or using WAP. The most would be of course full internet access throught GPRS or a similar service.

1. SMS to Email or WAP Only Access

If you have basic WAP access you might not be able to view your blog’s control panel since it may not support the protocol. What you can do is enabling the email posting features on your blog. Enable the “Email to Blog” feature on your Blogger account or the “Write by Email” feature on WordPress. Other platforms do have similar features and they all work the same way.

The email address Blogger gives you should be kept secret, any email that goes to that address will appear on your blog as a post, and the email address you create to use with WordPress should also be kept secret as the same rules applies to that too. Although Blogger gives you an email account, if you are using WordPress or another platform you will have to get a POP3 enabled email account from somewhere.

Once the feature has been setup, just send an email to the secret account and it will appear as a post. The post title would be the email subject and the post content would be email body. Some providers have SMS to email services. In this case you will be sending an sms to a special phone number given by your provider. The SMS will have the email subject and body written in the form given by the provider. Once you send the SMS your provider will relay it to your blog email address.

If you have a WAP connection you will need to use a WAP based email service such as Gmail, and there are many other WAP based free email services. Get an account, login and send your post as an email to your secret address.

Mobile services vary from place to place, so it is best you ask your provider about what options are available to you and the chances are high that you already do have such services enabled on your phone line. To do the required connection settings on your phone you have to contact your provider.

2. Open Internet (through GPRS, 3G, etc)

This simply means that your GPRS account supports HTTP. Note that your provider may block particular protocols or ports but generally if you have HTTP access you will be able to reach your blog’s control panel or dasboard. Use Opera for mobile, it is the best mobile browser out there.
Contact your mobile provider to get the GPRS settings, and make sure you ask what kind of access it is: whether it is a WAP only connection or if it has full HTTP access and also make sure you get the proxy settings so that you can browse.

Once you are able to browse web sites you are ready to go. There is not much to discuss here because you will be doing exactly the same thing you do with your PC here, simply go to your blog’s admin page, login and start blogging.

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