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Sir Tim Berners-Lee started a blog in his userspace in DIG. People discovered it, and the news spread like wildfire. Everyone flocked, and started commenting. 455 comments to be exact, forcing him to disable comments. You ask me if this is news? Nope, just something worth mentioning and that particular blog is worth keeping an eye on.

Many people mistake Sir Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet. He created the web, not the net. Al Gore claimed that he invented the internet - and he deserves much laughter for it. For the record, the people who created the net were Vint Cerf, Bob Khan and Lawrence Roberts. Yeah they are all alive.

10 Responses to “Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s Blog”

  1. fullmetalashaman Says:

    Urban legend actually.


  2. primary0 Says:

    haha yes. al gore said in the interview “I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” probably having in mind the beauracratic stuff, but sounds the entire opposite to the rest of us.

  3. Simon Says:

    Tim, Sir..we’re not worthy…we’re not worthy!

  4. raggedyanne Says:


  5. Reluctant Nomad Says:

    Can you imagine how wealthy Sir Tim would be if he were to have patented the web?

  6. primary0 Says:

    hmm, maybe the reason http is what it is today because he did not patent it. yap he would be rich, but we all might be using something else (something that wasnt patented).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You forgot Jon Postel. See

  8. primary0 Says:

    Anonymous, you are right. Shame I never heard of him before. Also, Leonard Kleinrock shouldn’t be missed - he is supposed to be the father of packet switched networks.

  9. Gaanagaa Says:

    yeah, you missed Leonard Kleinrock. And about that patent thing, youre right again. There are lots of stuff patented which closed it doors to the world. Who knows, there might be a better alternative to HTTP already patented. Most of the patented stuff dont give the owner a profit. Only five percent of the total applications to the U.S. patent office succeed with a profit. Like the famous ZiP drive which lost its way in about two years. Patent sucks, it stops the development. Like our country. Patented to a single leader for eternity.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Patents are not inherently bad. The good thing about patents is that once you patent it you have to disclose the technology and how it work even though the patent holder has exclusive rights to it. However the rights only apply for a fixed number of years after which it becomes public domain. The alternative to patenting is “trade secrets”, in which the company/inventor do not patent their new technology, but keep it as secret. This allows them to hold onto it for years and it may never become public. With software it is hard to keep secrets because it will eventually be reverse engineered or someone will figure it out. But with hardware it is a whole different story. For example Intel has been known to use trade secrets to ptotect some design elements of their processors. They are not going to reveal them unless they think it is no longer usable. However if they patented it everyone will know about the technology and perhaps improve on it. Only catch is any one else wanting to use it will have to pay Intel royalty untill the patent expires.

    The reason companies like Intel are reluctant to use patents to protect some of their ideas are because they believe they can gain more advantage by keeping it secret from competitors. Hence the patent system is in a way broken due to companies sometimes being unwilling to patent things. The whole idea behind patents was to make inventors share their new ideas with the rest of the world while allowing the inventor to make some profit from it for a certain number of years.

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