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Visit the Digital Squid blog for the latest local tech related stories. Previously there was no central point of discussion for teleco related topics in the Maldives, and the Digital Squid has taken the hotspot and is set to stay that way. They also accept stories from contributors, so if you have got something interesting make sure you pass it on to them too. Kudos to them and to the level of reporting and to the quality of moderation.

The most popular discussions were Dhiraagu’s proxy server issue, ROL’s free internet issue the ongoing discussion: Dhiraagu’s E-Bill service exploit. In the future if there is any major such flaw or exploit around, you can be assured it is going to be there on that blog.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I know that you guys could have trackers embedded in your bloggers to track who is commenting anonymously, specially on DigitalSquid. Anyway, since I trust your’s more, I am writing something here re:this post by asoa on the DigitalSquid

    As you have commented on the post, I was also aware that he ripped the content from a website. That is not a problem for me. But after you mentioning it on your comment he has credited them now.

    I am glad that there is a group like DigitalSquid making sure that bad corporations like Dhiraagu maintains their security measurers mature enough to make our (ordinary users) private data private. But seems like a bunch of young kids can bypass all Dhiraagu’s incompetent security walls with their eyes close. Which is a shame.

    But what asoa has posted is something he ripped off from the web, which incites other kids like them to use it to rob ordinary people’s data. This is not less than stealing credit card numbers and using it on mail fraud. Also quite similar to robbing from a music store that was once in Alikilegefaanu Magu, or stealing from a ex-restaurant near Fisherman’s park.

    I would advice not to inspire others to steal. If other’s would like to steal, they can google it up themselves and do it.

    As for Fatty and Digital Squid, and the rest, keep up your good work.

    Primary0, you can delete this comment if you think this is inappropriate here.

  2. primary0 Says:

    You are right. That particular post must have been more effective if it was written by himself and taking a “protective” point of view, giving detailed instructions on how to secure an access point instead of breaking it. We all know there are many ways to break many things. Say someone with an access point read that, and now he or she would be wondering how to secure it and that part should have been included at least. I also do not support Jaa giving step by step instructions on getting those ebill records after Digital Squid had said that they will not be giving details because of the nature of the issue. But I am not sure of Jaa’s timing, if he did it after the site was shutdown, his post can be taken as a good thing.

    I use Google Analytics on this blog as a stat thingy, and anonymous commenters are let alone to stay that way - anonymous. Cheers!

  3. jaa Says:


    I published the post on my blog a bit before they took the service offline. However, I did so in full knowledge that Dhiraagu had been informed of the issue hours earlier and that the mere publishing about the existence of flaws in Ebill by DigitalSquid would have had the technical sorts picking through the ebill service looking for the faults.

    Publishing my guide, which was psuedo technical and far from being step by step the way I see it, seemed to have got them to take off the service while they work on a fix.

    Since there are a multitude of sides of a coin, the view I chose to uphold at the time was to force it be taken offline while a fix was prepared and not subject it to further abuse than it already has been.

    My 2 cents ;)

  4. Squid Says:

    First of all,

    Anonymous: there are no trackers or anything of that sort which detects IP of any comments at DigitalSquid. Anonymous means anonymous and we respect that!

    second, thank you for the wonderful comments.

    and Third, yeps i totally agree with you that nobody should plagiarise. And asoa made a mistake of forgetting to give credit to the author and im sure it will not happen in DigitalSquid again.

    and also thank you for commenting out any problems .We appreciate it and we will take every criticism as a path for improvement!


  5. Fatty Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for the support, and at the same time, apologies to all on behalf of digitalsquid for the article not being credit properly when it should have been. i for one accept that that article should have been credited in the first place.

    since it has been credit now, and i can assure you that this will not be repeated.

    primary0. with the WEP crackig tutorial, as jaa said one of the many sides to the coin, it is nessasry to know one’s weakness to make one strong. true the article was about how WEP networks crackable, but the followup comments i hopeoutlined why they are weak and wat other options were available and why those would or would not work, and as for my last comment on that post, i’m waiting for someone to put their 2 cents in… how would you make it more secure..? interactive dicussions are always more productive than a tutorial..

    on that note let me say primary0 i do understand what you meant by taking the “protective” view… i respect that and appriciate your idea… maybe we should adopt that as our policy… the approach.. we still can discuss the weakness.. but at the same time.. a solution to the weakness as well.. thanks again..

    i can also vouch for jaa that dhiraagu was already made aware of the issue before jaa posted his article, in fact dhiraagu was made aware of the issue even before digitalsquid published the article.

    i think thats enough for now:) and no we do not have any loggers, trackers, frankly i dont see a reason why we should force out the identity of a person who dosent want to reveal it..:)

    thanks again..

  6. primary0 Says:

    right on again…

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