Traktor 3

When it comes to DJ software, Native Instruments is the father, the mother, and child of all DJ software. This is said for the quality and usability. Traktor is their DJ line of software and with version 3 they have gone beyond the traditional 2 deck setup that was previously found on all professional DJ software.

The catch this time is the integrated Allen & Heath - Xone:92 mixer, with the effects. Of course, you may not want to compare hardware with software. But this was done by the same team that developed Reactor, and you then have enough reason to believe that this piece is better than the hardware itself.

What the hell is traktor? It is a software based DJ setup that plays mp3, ogg, etc. You can use old school vinyl and CD turntables with Final Scratch, MIDI controllers, USB consoles, and of course your mouse and keyboard to control Traktor; so there is no need to complain that software DJ things suck. Interested in these kinds of things? Read more on Traktor 3.

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7 Responses to “Traktor 3”

  1. primary0 Says:

    once again… comments.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    finally! comments here!

  3. primary0 Says:

    WTF!? only now can I see. Chilipo’s broken blog has all those spam links here. But no worries, he has fixed it and soon Google Blog Search should update the index.

  4. Kidrow Says:

    Finally! .. Tracktor 3, but still i am working on it ..

    Thanks to primary0

  5. fullmetalashaman Says:

    Awesome, comments are enabled. Now if only I could think of something to say.

  6. yaie Says:

    I’m still not convinced. PCDJ is much much better, for me that is.

  7. primary0 Says:

    traktor is a bit more difficult to learn, but once u do, u will look at pcdj in shame. thats what happend in my case. u gotta try and give sometime to convince urself.

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