The True Furqan, The Fake Quran

I got a forwared email warning about a fake version of the Quran being distributed to some schools in the West. It is called the True Furqan. So, when you get something like this what do you do? Google it of course.

So there indeed is a rewritten Quran mockery being handed around. It is available online as well. The beginnings (In the name of Allah…) has been replaced with a Christian trinity salutation; the entire thing has been rewritten. However, anyone who has read the real thing, the original or the english translation will soon see that this thing does not have the arrangement, the style, the confidence, nor the unique content found in the original. Well, this is how far some people are prepared to go; dragging mindless idiots into their pits along with them.

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  1. sahra Says:

    you are SO true…this is an outrage and is sad. how would somebody change the words of allah? now peoplein the west are going to believe this crap and not the words of allah. people now think muslims have CHANGED their beloved quran this seriously needs to be changed. the true furqan.. please give me a break this is the jinns words not allah’s.

  2. sam Says:

    this is an outrage to the muslim ummah. how can those idiotic jews and christians do this? i hope allah will either show them the right path or destroy them altogether.ALLAH-U-AKBAR.ALLAH-U-AKBAR.ALLAH-U-UAKBAR

  3. omor Says: absolutey disgraceful may allah punish the jews and kafirs who made it. the website i have posted misleads others saying really bad things about islam. it says allh hu akbar means the moon is the greatest and that our prophet muhammed (saw) agrred with the locals that the moon is the greatest. Really angry about it have a look.

  4. Sulekha Says:

    I got an email about this and yes I googled it. Can I just say that this is a moneu making scam that has little to do with truth or challenges. They can NEVER reproduce the Quran, teh truth of the Quran is an enlightenment to all that read it, it is heartfelt and as many reverts have told me, when they read the Quran they felt the truth. How many can say that about the bible or teh Furgan with its many contradictions.
    Instead of challenging Allah may I ask these so called christians to challenge the Vatican church and their leaders who have lied and obsecured the truth for centuries on end! That is their real challenge! and the Ummah inshallah will get stronger, it is decreed!

  5. Sarim Momin Says:

    Forget changing the quran. They cant replicate even a single surah. Real Quran has all its alphabets in the multiples of 19. You omit one alphabet and u upset the balance. This is no human feat. It’s divine.

    Prosecute those who mess with Quran.
    Islam teaches peace and love but do not mess with it.
    You follow ur God and We Follow Ours!

  6. Ali Waqas Says:

    This is some thing worse than those caricatures!
    I mean i was stunned….cant just find the right words to condemn this henious act
    We must wake up
    We need to protect our religion
    we must Grow as One Community
    Plz be united Muslims

  7. Muslim Says:

    those f***in jews,

    disgraceful, they need to be put in theright places, them spiteful bitches.

  8. Europeman Says:

    UHOH! This says a lot about muslim mentality. In our country, there are many people, that laugh at my faith, christianity. There are many books, paroding my belief. Theres no unity, nobody is telling you, what to believe in or not. The principle is - let you believe in what you want and I believe in what I want. If you dont like the book, dont read it! Thats an easy principle. I dont like those people making fun of christianity, even on public, but I would never do them any harm! Because thats true democracy… And people should learn how to no get insulted.

  9. Christian Says:

    Why are the muslims upset about it? This True Furqan is just a book taking up the challenge of the Quran to “..produce a book or chapter like it..” The Quran gives this challege and so the writers of the True Furqan took it up. Why then are you so appalled? Here is a quote from a website about it:

    “I spoke with a man from Bangladesh who said he knew classical Arabic, so I recited about six verses of The True Furqan. He beamed and announced that it was the Holy Qur’an. I told him it was the new Holy Qur’an. He jumped out of his seat and screamed, ‘Impossible!’ I said ‘You have just testified to it.’”

    And what’s so special about the number 19 encoded in the Quran.. what has the number 19 got to do with anything? The Bible has the number 7 encoded throught it and what is God’s number 19 or 7?

    You Mulsims need to wake up and chuck your quran in the bin.

  10. Wisam Says:

    We muslims need to wake up and chuck our Quran in the bin?! It’s just so typical of you CLOSE MINDED people to think that way! “oh its not a big deal oh its nothing serious” and the list goes on. This is a test to all Muslims…a test of faith. Will they or wont they give up their faith, their religion for a bunch of man made crap. NO ONE has the right to change Allah’s words..NO ONE. But on the other hand its up to us, the Muslims to not believe in the fake Quran. There is no need act up on it…it only gives those who published it the satisfaction they seek! I doubt they took up this project thinking “oh im sure nothing will happen, no harm will come out of publishing a book that contradicts or changes the true words of Allah.” We all must believe in our faith and leave the punishment that will come to those who published the book to Allah becos God knows they will be punished…

  11. Amal Says:

    when i first recieve the e-mail that talks about the TRUE FURQAN, i didnt believe it and when i google it i found it and i was in a crash.. not about the book itself, but, about that there was no response in the media about it,NOTHING in TV,newspapers,radie, NOTHING..they make a big deal of a stupid drawing of a stupid man in a small newspaper that will never affect our prophet or our islam, and there was NOTHING about this huge DISASTER to islam if its true that they publish it and give it to kids in the schools. Many people out there know nothing about islam and they want to learn about it, what if the wrong book goes in to their hands???? this is a big problem

  12. yahya Says:

    to Christian: hehe, oh so u (or whomever) just happened to meet a guy so skilled in Classical Arabic on the streets of Bangladesh, eh? Sure. Sure. Look, are we just supposed to swallow up every cock-and-bull story that you hurl stating “THIS REALLY HAPPENED” and “THIS IS TRUE”? get a life. please.
    to Amal: dont worry too much about it. that book is hardly original: its more paraphrasing of the Holy Book than anything else-> and heck, its more Islam-bashing than guidance. I mean, was the Christian God so pissed off at Islam to reveal a whole book trying to challenge it? . surely, Rev. Fucktard, you must be joking. but in any case, one reason why i doubt the whole Bangladeshi scholar story is cuz a friend of mine, a trained Quran reciter (and myself): we tried to recite this book the way we would recite teh Quran. There was no rhythm. Seriuosly. It may look like it rhymes or whatever: but you cant recite this shite.
    God bless.

  13. Al misqeen Says:

    brother yahya where as i agree with your refuting of the christians fantasy story, i donot agree with your use of language.

    i listened to a khutbar yesterday and the khuteeb told a story of how the jews used to instead of wishin peace be upon the prophet (saw) they used to wish him death. his response was to reply wa laikum wa laikum, and to you and to you.

    when iesha raa used to hear them she would curse and swear at them. our prophet became angry and told her that he saw was not sent to curse and swear at people!

    I think this is the noblke example that we should follow when dealing with the enimies of Allah! as the truth is more of a weapen than such language!

    may Allah ta aalh forgive us all!

  14. interest Says:

    what as got you all so upset?.the best way to challenge this book is to read it,study that you may be able to answer others ask questions about it. and Al misqeen what a wise muslim you are.

  15. puzzled Says:

    There is no harm in writing books to imitate the Holy Quran. But why do u have to use the term the ” new Quran”. This is nothing less then deception. This proves how the Christians missionaries spread their religion using falsehood.

  16. addi Says:

    Nothing new ! for Islam this is what exactly the Arabs (non-believes ) tried to do at the time of our Beloved Muhammed (may Allah prevail his religion).And the world is aware of the result. Many poets tried to speak as exactly as our QURAN( THE REAL TRUE FURQUAN)and tried to impress newly converted muslims. and they thought that by doing this they can bring back some among the newly converted muslims to their old beliefs. but none among them were succesful, because what our ALLAH challange to NON-BELIVERS regarding that they can not produce a verse like QURAN that they cant chance anyones heart or mind by doing such act,, none of there attempt will able them to chance anyones mind or heart.So that by doing it they can chance any one’s belief or faith.If at all they ( those who wrote this book ; titled as The true furquan, which is not at all related with truth or Furquan) wrote it, what i challange to them is let them prove that by doing this are they successful in converting any muslim or not even a muslim let them prove that by writting a book like this have thye brought any non-beliver in there faith? My challenge to them is the same what Allah has challenged them in QURAN (THE REAL TRUE FURQUAN)LET THEM PRODUCE A VERSE BY WHICH THEY CAN CHANGE ANY ONE’S FAITH OR BELIVE AS DID OUR GLORIOUS QURAN. LET ME BE MORE CLEAR TOWARDS THEM REGARDING THERE BOOK. ARE THERE HEARTS ARE SATISFIED BY DOING THIS OR STILL TEHY HAVE SOME DOUBT IN THERE FAITH , AS BY DOING THIS ACTS NOTHING HAPPEND TO MUSLIM OR ISLAM. LET US ALL PRAY TO ALLAH MAY ALLAH TURN THEIR HEARTS AND LET ALLAH HELP THEM OUT IN UNDERSTANDING THE TRUTH ( THE HOLY QURAN) AMEEN.

  17. anomalous4 Says:

    First of all, don’t blame the Jews. The “True Furqan” is the perpetration of two Arab(-American?) Christians of a particularly twisted Fundamentalist orientation.

    Second, heretical pseudo-scriptures are nothing new; they exist in every religion. Whether they be pseudo-Christian, pseudo-Islamic, or any other pseudo flavor, they need to be confronted and intelligently refuted rather than simply reacted to in outrage.

    In the case of the self-proclaimed “True Furqan,” it’s every bit as bad Christianity as it is bad Islam. I’m one Christian who’d like to see the thing dissected intelligently from both ends - possibly as a joint effort between Muslim and Christian scholars - and shown up for the fraud it is.

  18. muslimknight Says:

    well well, this certainly an interesting read, quite comical and to tell you the truth it was difficult for me to even take the verses seriously seeing how badly they were done, right guys? I mean who wrote this stuff. I confess at first before i read the verses I was a little scared that it might shook my iman a notch, but once I start reading, the confidence in my iman cant be better in this situation. It sounds nothing like the original, not even close to the level of literature at that time. And how many times does the true furqan has to say about itself. Sounds like a biography of a virtual person.

    Even all the surah names are like categorized essay names. And even all the sentences are too straight forward its pathetic unlike in the Al-Quran where there are a lot of sentences that present multiple meaning that can even convert to multiple instructions and guidelines. Almost all of the sentences in the furqan is a black & white straight meaning whereas we know, in real life and even in all the prophetic religions and their holy scriptures, most of the verses comprised of “grey area” meanings and must be deciphered by several potent translators.

    Actually the first thing that made me laugh is the fact that for every surah, the opening is changed to “In the name of the Father, the Word, The One And Only God”, and this shows how badly it was done, already showing that at the start, this book is already screwed. As for the for the Fasting and Prayers surahs, man are they lame, kept talking about hypocracy whereas you know that you cant really judge a person by what they do coz you cant really know whats up in their mind and their intent.

    The next thing is, most of the surahs here are titled by categorical topics unlike in the Quran where most of them are titled by stories and events and the instructions told in the Quran are told through stories to be taken as lessons. And to rebart you on one thing. For every Quranic translation, we always have side by side interpretation and a lot of our Quranic translation are show several translation from several scholars and that these scholars never always agree to the same translation(which gives the reader several point of views) and there must be no more than 1 level of translation unlike in the bible where you would mostly have only the country’s mother tougue version. How possibly can you think there is no “lost in translation” whereas the bible is transfered from Hebrew(jesus) to latin(as we know there is political interest and events in christianity and judaism during the roman power, so please consider that when researching) to english/spanish to something else and for every level there is mostly one scholar to translate it. Probably even the new latin and hebrew translations are translated in circulation although i cant really present an evidence for this, just a thought though.

    There are bound to be lots of translation errors. You know i can talk even more, but i think its better for those muslims to just read it and quite frankly you can just find the mistakes and funny stuff easily and start laughing really fast or not, depends how you see this. For propaganda & misdirection, i dont think it deserves even a 1 star, and even for the language, for something you want to put in a newspaper, yeah maybe it deserves a 1 star, but for holy scripture quality, its pretty much “jibberish” and wont even qualify. Anyways, it was a good laugh and well, for those who did this book, probably you can get a job as comic reliefs or script writers in bad movie remakes of ancient time icons like Alexander or something.

    You guys took up the challenge but failed miserably, still showing the supremacy of the power and promise of Allah, that no one will ever be able to come up to par or even supersede his Quran. Pardon my English, its a little bad I know, anyway, Assalamualaikum and Peace Be Upon You.
    P/S: For those muslims who want to know more about the scientific side of Islam, visit, it helps. and please dont be explicitly rude remarks, because rudeness if for the weak. I believe Islam is not just a religion, its a perfect way of life to live on God’s given universe although the ones who practise them arent so perfect just like everything else in this world, if God made everything perfect that no one thing will need the other, and we would not need a God. Dont judge a book by its cover, isnt that right?

  19. muslimah Says:

    i did not actually believed in the email my friend forwarded to me until i went in a shock state that the kafirs can go to a far extend of doing this.what on world are they thinking of doing with us the muslims.btw,why isn’t this made into a big issue?it should be like the cartoon.

  20. SAMUEL OFORI Says:





  21. alam Says:

    don’t reproduce quran.ALLA HO AKBER

  22. The Muslim Council of Holy Cross 6th Form College, Bury, UK Says:

    Allah hu Akbar!

    I do not feel that i have to comment on the furqan itself because i do not accept it, and why would i bother commenting on something that i do not even acknowledge.
    But i do feel that i have to compliment anomalous4 who seems to me a wise person and one who seems to have a good understanding, instead of shouting and ranting about this cut, copy and paste hoax which at most is a bad remix of Allah’s (swt) books the Original Bible and Alhamdulilah the Original Quran. What the Christian brother suggests is very admirable, the suggestion of dissecting this fraud together is very pro active which is pleasing to see in this day and age.

    Finally i would like to say Allah (swt) gave the challenge, they took it up and obviously they failed horribly and miserably. I have read samples and at best it compares to Harry Potter and it made me value the importance of truth and oneness of Allah (swt) and also the Quran of how each ayat and point flows so smoothly and with such grace from one to the other is amazing and heart melting and seeing a poor imitation is simply sad and their lives must be pretty sad aswell. (Poor things, may Allah grant them the gift of Islam).


    Brothers Rizwan and Talha.

  23. M.Adnan( Says:

    “The True Furqan” a harsh conspiracy against Islam.

  24. Md. taosif anowar Says:

    allah hu akbar

    may allah award the deepest and darkest pits of hell for these kafirs. the outcome of such an action can only be eternal damnation and suffering. but we ALL should know that such things would appear before the day of judgement, but no matter how hard the kafirs try allah (swt) will see to it that the quran is uncorrupted. so all attempts are and will be without a single speck of doubt be futile.

    may allah save us from the tricks if satan

  25. Muslim-girl Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

    The Furqan is man-made, therefore is contains both obscurities and flaws. It does not move me or cause me any anger because, firstly, it is NOT the word of God and secondly only people intent on infuriating and hurting Muslims have created it.
    I, for one, find it quite sad that people are willing to go through such trouble to anger Muslims.
    Creating a book that has combined two religions is blasphemy, for both Christians and Muslims; it is something that in no way resembles the Quran and God’s perfect words…

    PS: Brothers and sisters do not be angered by this, for Allah will deal with these people the way He sees fit …and those who have created the Furqan are very misguided, may Allah help them.


  26. Imran Suhail Says:


    bros and sisters, most of you are getting angry for no reason, first of all jews had nothing ot do with it, secondly “no one” has claimed it to be the word of god so youy cannot say they are trying to change the Quran. And some one said people in the west might think muslims have changed their quran, sister the book is clearly evangelic-christian in origin and is also publicised so. Everyone knows its written by christians to invite muslims to christianity. Yes the name ‘true furqan’ is disgraceful to muslims but dont overdo the hating :) dont believe me??? check it out on and read the reviews…. why doesnt someone print a bible omitting all the verses talking about trinity, the Jesus’s death and other WRONG concepts? im shure christians will accept is easily just like they accepted the “da vici code”

    think about it… why not fight fire with fire.. and we wot be doing anything bad as the bible already is nothing like the real ‘injeel’ given to Jesus.

    what do you people say?

  27. Imran Suhail Says:

    salam to all

    some people are asking “why arent people making a big issue out of this”…. well thats because no one takes such things seiously as this book can do NOTHING to harm true muslims or their beliefs

    a sister said “allah will deal with these people as he sees fit”… sister as muslims we must protect out faith from misinterpretation too, and Allah will not be pleased on the day of judgement if we say “you could have stoped them if you wanted to so we did nothing”…. very passive approach which i personaly think is not allowed in islam. we must be active in the world community.

    what about my “true bible” idea?? anyone interested??

    jazak allah

  28. kael Says:

    Seriously funny when you try to read this “The True Furqan” . I mean when you try to read it in ARAB .. It is totally no Rhythm like The Real Al-quran which is different arabian language.

    The content of the true furqan is normal like i read bible.

    That’s all i want to say no matter what how they create Another new Furqan they never to produce the like/ of this Real Al-Qur’an they could not produce.

    REAL Al-Quran and I CHALLENGE Al-Mahdy ( creator The True Furqan ) try to produce the Rhythm of the true furqan as Real Al-Quran.

    Please accept REAL AL-QURAN CHALLENGE :-)

  29. ISLAM Says:

    Why I love the “True Furqan”

    A few days after 9/11/01, I was watching some rubbish on television. Featured was some evangelical Indian guy talking about the (then) upcoming publication of an answer to the open challenge in the Qur’an to those who doubt it. You know the challenge. Surah al-Baqarah 2:23-2:24. And, you know how some of these evangelicals work. They claim that God is Love, but have no problems when bombs are launched obliterating homes.

    You also know what Allah (Most High) states about the challenge. It can’t be fulfilled. In 1400 years, it hasn’t been fulfilled.

    So this guy was claiming that they’ve finally fulfilled the challenge. This super book is The True Furqan.

    Unfortunately, the guy has obviously never read The True Furqan. And, unfortunately, he hasn’t thought about the implications of The True Furqan.

    First problem. They are trying to present something better than the Qur’an. Notice that they don’t ever present the Bible. They try to write something themselves. What does that tell you about their own confidence in the Bible? They have none. These people do not love God. These people do not even love Christ. They only feel one emotion: misguided hatred.

    Second problem. I invite each of you to read the True Furqan. It’s obvious that the sponsors went to an Intro to Arabic class, and selected the worst students in the class to write this work.

    Third problem. If you know Arabic, then read the arabic and the translation. Notice that they don’t match (at all in some places).

    Fourth problem. Try to recite it. See how many times you trip over yourself trying to recite it. Recite the real al-Fatihah 20 times. Then see how many times you can recite the al-Fatehah of this book.

    Fifth problem. What makes the recitation issue all the more funny is that there will be moments where the words do just roll off your tongue. And, those are the moments where it is directly plagiarizing the Qur’an.

    Sixth problem. Look at the content. Look at the huge claims it makes. Watch them not happen.

    And now, the worst problem.

    Seventh problem. It often speaks in the first person. Meaning, supposedly God is the author. And that makes the authors of this book and those who disseminate it nothing but a bunch of liars.

    I think God (Most High) repeatedly, that (a) He tells us that there are good Christians, and (b) He made me live and work among some of the best Christians. Otherwise, I’d think that they were all like these people.

    Why do they even try?

    So, I do love the true Furqan, meaning al-Furqan, meaning the Qur’an.

    May God bless you.

  30. Imran Suhail Says:

    brother/sister islam has said it most beautifully. The new true furqan is a useless book which doesnt threaten anyone…. by the way.. what about the ‘true bible’ idea?

  31. Mohammad El Seelawee Says:

    السلام على من اتبع الهدى

    هذه الايات من القرآن الكريم الموجود كما هو منذ اكثر من 1400 سنه
    قال أعز من قائل من سورة البقره الايات 118 الى 121

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    (( إِنَّا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ بِالْحَقِّ بَشِيراً وَنَذِيراً وَلا تُسْأَلُ عَنْ أَصْحَابِ الْجَحِيمِ(119) وَلَنْ تَرْضَى عَنْكَ الْيَهُودُ وَلا النَّصَارَى حَتَّى تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَهُمْ قُلْ إِنَّ هُدَى اللَّهِ هُوَ الْهُدَى وَلَئِنْ اتَّبَعْتَ أَهْوَاءَهُمْ بَعْدَ الَّذِي جَاءَكَ مِنْ الْعِلْمِ مَا لَكَ مِنْ اللَّهِ مِنْ وَلِيٍّ وَلا نَصِيرٍ (120) الَّذِينَ آتَيْنَاهُمْ الْكِتَابَ يَتْلُونَهُ حَقَّ تِلاوَتِهِ أُوْلَئِكَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِهِ وَمَنْ يَكْفُرْ بِهِ فَأُوْلَئِكَ هُمْ الْخَاسِرُونَ ))

    صدق الله العظيم

    حسبي كلمات ربي يهدي بها من يشاء.
    So for the Christians you say why we are so upset ,will this is some thing you will never understand unless you where a Muslim BUT if you are really want to know read these ayat from the holy quran the only quran since more than 1400 year from sorat el baqara ayah number 118 to 121 but before you read it promise your self that you will be truthful to your own. and for Muslims I deliberate wrote it in Arabic as it is because I want the others to read it from the holy quran since they are not afraid to read and believe in it.
    PS: I know maybe some one will rise up and say “will I read it but its not true” and I will say you didn’t fulfill the second condition from the bargain .

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