World Usability Day

Today is the World Usability Day. Today is the day for people who asked the questions, “Why doesn’t this work better? Why can’t they make this is easier?” BBC has run a survey and according to the results, the worst candidate is DVD package wrapping, and the best is, obviously, the iPod.

I would agree on the iPod myself, and so would everyone else; and also I would put Google and all of their services right next to the iPod. This also raises one more concern. How exactly would you measure usability? If good usability means a product or service being instantly accessible for people of all cultures, with no or a small learning curve, then the idea of usability should not be applied for everything out there. Usability (most of it) is actually in our heads. Since some things are meant for repetitive use and with such frequent use, the usability seems to improve afterwards. For example, many of us use Vi. It is the one and only console text editor of choice for many of us. But almost all of us found it difficult and annoying to use in our first attempts. But with time and frequent use, it is has now become as easy to use as the iPod.

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