Wide Impact - Chaos Cloud

If you thought that the movies Deep Impact and Armageddon were everything about mega destructive events, you are wrong. How about something that could wipe out the entire solar system, and yes including the sun? And how about this thing existing in today’s reality and not in some movie?

On 6th April this year, Nasa’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory detected a swirling cloud of gas and cosmic dust, 10 million miles wide. The cloud destroys everything in its path, and that really means everything. It is moving at near speed of light, and is headed directly towards earth!

Now the good news. These depicted events are theories. But unlike normal “theoretic” theories, this is a very real one. Nasa has left head room for any new discoveries that could change their perception of such chaos clouds, but so far their methods are proven correct, and as for now, you can bet on a known time frame for the solar system to get completely displaced.

The observatory has made an ETA and it is 9:15 a.m. EDT on June 1, 2014. I hope I live to see this, if it is to happen.

4 Responses to “Wide Impact - Chaos Cloud”

  1. Daryl Turner Says:

    Have any of you actually realised that if it was viewed through a telescope and it was travelling close to the speed of light; than it would already be here! Its a HOAX published by weekly world news.

  2. primary0 Says:

    you are right…

  3. Phoenix Says:

    It’s a hoax. People, don’t believe it. NASA has already confirmed that it is larious…

  4. Hoax Says:

    True Its A Hoax First Of All,chaos cloud? omg what kind of name is that from sonic?Seconed of all How would you know the freakin exact time and date this is gonna be i mean 2014 time and stuff.3rd its not in the news only internet stuff.Last Reason Is You Cant Look At Something at the speed of light plus most websites say its fake.

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