Tsunami and Atoll O

I have seen some of the places and people who were badly affected by the tsunami. These tsunami victims are still what they were, that is, tsunami victims. They still talk about it, on and on and almost to everyone new they meet. Why should not they? Their houses are still as they were, half missing, their lives are still almost as bad as they were on the next week after the tsunami.

Where the hell are the relief funds? Go ahead and talk to some of these people. Nobody is happy with the help, nobody is happy with the way the government is spending the relief funds, and nobody is happy with the planning. One might say that whatever you did, the victims would not be happy. But that is if something is being done at all. I saw 2 officials interviewing an old lady about the loss, just a couple of days back. This is July 2005! And the questions humiliate the victims (as in when one is asked to compare the standard of living to others in the neighbourhood). A recent announcement was almost made that the government is building temporary shelters for the victims, again, after 7 months, while the houses remain flattened.

The point is, I am certain that the people who donated all the money would not want it to be like this, and the people who deserved the help did not want it like this either. It is all being done how the government wants to do it, and surely the government here accounts for a minority.

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