The Golden Ratio and the Marquardt Mask (1:1.618)

Some of you may have heard about the Marquardt mask, or the mathematical formula for the perfect face. It is said that beauty can be proven with numbers. By applying phi (the golden ratio 1:1.618) to your face, you can determine if you are good looking or not. For example, if the width of your nose is 1, the width of you mouth should be very close to 1.618 and these masks created by Dr. Stephen Marquardt contain the outlines of the geometries for the perfect face; a face completely made up of the golden ratio.

Marquardt is a plastic surgeon who discoverd the golden ratio in the faces of people whom were considered to be good looking. To assist him in his work, he created the set of masks which can be overlayed on a photograph to see how perfectly a particular face fits the ratio. This set of masks is applicable to both male and female faces. You can even try it.

Not surprisingly, the golden ratio is not found just on the human face, but in almost everything in nature. It is found on almost everything that we think looks good for the eyes.

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks for the info. : )

  2. Ala Says:

    do you know anything about how the facial dimensions were calculated, and in what ways Phi was used to consruct the facial structure?

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