On Progressive

Having the title ‘progressive’ up there, I never wrote anything that was directly related to the title itself. Progressive here refers to a type of electronic music, a niche genre people refer to as progressive house. The music is characterized by a layered step by step build up, or rather the calculated introduction of instruments into the track as it goes. Technically speaking, any kind of music can be progressive (say rock).

Well, most people hate electronic music. Because there is no half dozen human beings playing on the instruments at once. They see no creativity, no hard work in electronic music. The instruments sound funny too, and what the hell is with that hissing hi-hat that is constantly being played in all the electronic tracks? This same principle applies when your grandmother listens black metal. What is with those extremely noisy instruments and screaming humans? Where are the violins and the pianos? The same way a die hard rock fan might die trying to enjoy waltz. So, I am just trying to defend the genre with a logical argument.

In the real world, electronic music has more sub genres than any other genre. This thing about progressive house is that it happens to be where the innovations are happening, whether you like it or not. One might say that each track has more than two previously unheard instruments in it.

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