Propellerhead on Dr. Rex

Heard it before? In all likelihood, yes. Oddly enough, the use of loops still remains a somewhat controversial issue. It’s in the twilight zone, that fuzzy grey area between artistry and “pushing a button”. After all, a loop is the product of someone else’s efforts, talent and creativity. But then again, isn’t that true for any kind of art? Aren’t you using sampled instruments that have been recorded – and played – by someone else? And synth presets that someone else programmed? Who do you owe credit to when you play a violin trill on the NN-XT – the guy who sampled it? The conductor? The violinist? Antonius Stradivarius, who built it? The truth is, at the hands of a skilled artist a bunch of raw loops can be molded into a unique piece of artwork that holds its own against any other musical accomplishment.

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