Enlightenment DR17 on FC3

Enlightenment is anything but dead, because DR17 is very alive. I have to admit that what kept me from pulling it off on CVS was their ugly screenshots. Either way, the old Enlightenment being the first window manager I used on Linux, I decided to see what DR17 was all about. What the heck?! This thing is just amazing. Everyone who has put up screenshots to show it off should be crucified, because DR17 is more about the desktop user experience. You can’t show it off with screenshots. You need video files to show what it is about. There is a load of effects that actually looks good and yet simple and fast. This is more like an Xserver + Gnome + Composite configuration on steroids. If you are into fancy desktops, you must try this.

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  1. pwtb » Enlightenment DR17 on Fedora Core 4 Says:

    […] The last time I gave Enlightenment a try was almost a year ago when I was using Fedora Core 3. Before that, I used Enlightenment sometime back in 1999 since Enlightenment was the desktop of choice for Linux. Today, I decided to give it a try and find out what has been done since then. All I can say is just wow! It has come a long way with major changes within the development release itself. Explaining what DR17 is about is beyond the scope of this post, this really is the composite + gnome + fancy desktop on steroids. […]

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