Intel Aside, Cell Inside

IBM, Toshiba and Sony are saying that they have developed the Intel killer. Their development, the Cell microprocessor, is claimed to achieve supercomputer performance at clock speeds above 4GHz. They say that the processor can perform 10 times faster than the average Pentium 4 PC.Sony plans to use the chip on its new Playstation 3 gaming console. Toshiba plans to incorporate the chip on digital media centers and IBM plans to release a desktop workstation incorporating the new chip - they have already tested the architecture on Linux and the hardliner is IBM’s claim that the chip can run multiple operating systems concurrently. So how fast is this thing really? The current figures are all hypothetical assumptions based on theory. The performance comes from it’s highly specialized and minnimal instructions set and careful chip designing.With the development of Cell, Moore’s Law itself has been defied for the first time. Moore’s Law says that processor power will double every 18 months.
Posted February 8th, 2005 in category hardware.