OOP is not for Dinosaurs

If you are a big fan of OOP, you might feel uncomfortable reading this story. If you follow OOP, take a moment and ask yourself if your code is infact object oriented, and nothing but object oriented. According to the article, OOP just adds layers to your code and thats it. This is with reference to small programs ofcourse. Again, how many of you are in a big collaborative software project? Or any other project in which code reuse and pluggable modules are the main focus? This is how the author tries to capture you. The author himself has written more than 32 computer books since 1982. Yes, he was doing code when I learned how to walk.The author may be a little behind in comprehending what OOP is not for - people like himself. Just because it is there, it does not mean that its supposed to be used by everyone for every imaginable purpose. He also thinks that object oriented programming is used for hiding code from one another, and that code reuse can be done by copying and pasting instead of creating objects. I think the article is just hillarious, and so is the author’s website dedicated to debunking objected oriented programming.

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