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Finally I am bored, the fun is gone. The average social human mind is so used to doing regular stuff that they find it torturing to sit quietly during their commute. Be it jogging, taking a nap or waiting for someone, it is a must that you engage in some kind of physical or mental activity. So, you carry your story books, your phone full of entertaining goodness, your crossword puzzles and your iPod. Why is it so hard stay without an escape? The following applies to the iPod mini.

iPod Mini Pros
  • Size matters, especially for the spatially challenged (like me).
  • Scratch proof.
  • Usability unmatched. My faith in Apple says that nothing will ever come close to beating the iPod in usability.
  • Works well with Linux after you disable EFI partition support from the kernel.
  • Probably the best sound you will get on an MP3 player.
  • Cheap.
  • It runs Linux, meh.
  • The charger looks cool, and it’s an important feature to me.
  • Looks pretty, very.
  • The names, Apple and iPod.
iPod Mini Cons
  • No custom equalizers. I like to fine tune the sound the way I want, for each and every track. With the iPod nobody can.
  • The screen and the click-wheel are not scratch proof.
  • The labels on the back comes off very quickly. The paint is not so strong. If you remove it you will discover that there is no color layer beneath it. It will only expose the silver.
  • Default earphones are of extremely low quality. The bass response is terrible, it doesn’t do good enough even for a makeshift piece.
  • iPod mini’s 4GB drive can hold only a few songs from my collection. The average file size of a track is around 90 megabytes, and that is for a 1 hour track. What kind of tracks these are may be of no importance to you.
  • It is also an external harddisk. But you need to carry the USB or Firewire cable with you, and I don’t like carrying cables. While I’m at it, let me add that I don’t like carrying the iPod either.
  • Whenever you plugin the earbuds, the iPod comes on from stand-by. Apple supposedly fixed this bug, but the firmware did not work for me. I blame Apple.
  • The thing is harddisk based, and I have no idea how shock-proof it is.
  • Very likely to get stolen, even though most thieves do not know how to operate it. It just looks too good.
Hopeless list of what-I-wants in a music player
  • Features of this.
  • and this.
  • Also this.

A Verdict for the Average: iPod mini is the best.

A Verdict for the Sound Enthusiast: Not so impressive.

Verdict for Myself: Just sell it.

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  1. Gaanagaa Says:

    Con from me:
    Not Medusa compatible.

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