The Prodigy’s New Mess

The Prodigy was a genuine inspiration during the 90’s. Their flagship album Fat of the Land claimed more listeners into the electronic mainstream than any other album ever recorded. However, their latest release, Always Outnumber, Never Outgunned has become a major disappointment. The album is entirely Liam’s solo work, and it was his decision to keep the rest of the members away from this one. The sounds are very electro and retro as everything that comes from Liam. But that is so outdated now.

The electronic music culture has evolved to praise more deeper and harmonic sounds, the type of sounds with depth, presence and rich timbre. The mainstream is looked down now and even the most respected DJ spends his day digging through the underground stores for catchy tunes. As for the Prodigy, only recently did Liam discover Reason. With that, for this album he decided to ditch many of his hardware synths, giving up all of his valuable experience in what I call synchronized knob twisting. Needless to say, even Liam himself admits that the Prodigy will never be the same and the days of Fat of the Land were the days when they were at the pinnacle.

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