We are Tsunami Proof

The tsunamis that swept Maldives travelled the entire Indian Ocean and took lives from people living on the African coast line. The damage here was relatively less, and the waves themselves did not show the strength it carried with it. According to an environment specialist working in the president’s office :

The Maldives islands are so flat, small and low that the tsunami may not have even noticed us in its path.

Perhaps it was not the low altitude that spared us. When we are talking about the way tsunamis react to land, what really matters is how the land looks like from the deep sea. My opinion is that the structure of atolls, as observed from the ocean floor looks like huge peaking mountains, and the wall of water simply slipped through the deep sea valleys. If we had a bigger land area, the water would just push upwards, the waves would attain greater height and the result would be catastrophic as seen in Sri Lanka. Tsunamis will have a hard time showing off their worst in this country.

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