Controlling Quartz Composer Parameters with VDMX

Almost any Quartz Composer patch parameter can be controlled in real time by VDMX data sources (waveforms, oscillators, step sequencers, audio analysis bands, buttons, sliders, etc). VDMX has a single fundamental requirement for such compositions, that is each input has to be published in the parent view of the document using an Input Splitter.

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Let’s assume that you want to control the diameter of a sphere using VDMX.

  1. Right-click the Sphere patch and select “Published Inputs” -> “Diameter”. Give it a name of your liking. This will highlight the small circle next to the “Diameter” input of the patch. It means the input has been published. VDMX required the following additional step.
  2. Right-click the Sphere patch and select “Insert Input Splitter” and select the (already published and named) diameter input. This will create an Input Splitter with the name you originally gave to your diameter input.
  3. Load VDMX and put the composition into the media bin.
  4. Hold shift and then select (click) the composition in the media bin.
  5. Now look at the Media Inspector window in VDMX. You will find the diameter input available as a slider.
  6. Right click the slider controller and go to “Use this Data Source:” and choose the data source you prefer.
  7. Click apply.

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Tutorial: Basic Audio Visualizer with Quartz Composer

This tutorial will help you set the foundation patches needed to create audio reactive visualizations with Quartz Composer in Leopard. The visualizations can be used with iTunes or any other software conforming to Apple’s Music Visualization Protocol. If you prefer to use audio input from the system mic or line-in, you will need make changes as said at the end of this tutorial. This is necessary if you want the effects to be mixed using a VJ software. The popular VJ software VDMX however offers a simpler way to do this - which is the Audio Analysis plugin found in VDMX being used to maniplate Quartz Composer parameters. You can also download the tutorial project from the link at the bottom. Please note that this composition does not create much eye candy by itself - it is just a base which can be used with various other rendering patches in Quartz Composer.

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Lost Uploads

  • Crawled and added 3,000 junk (or spam) product posts.
  • Made some money with adsense.
  • Blog was then frozen by the web host for suspicious activities.
  • Lost all the images and any other uploads.
  • Restored with the backup.
  • Basically, “yeah whatever”.

Excuse My Blog

Dear Regulars.

I’m going to be doing some stuff here and you will be seeing lots of silly posts, layouts and so on. Please ignore them.

Save Internet Radio!

Internet radio is in danger. In March a new copyright law was passed in the US that obliges online broadcasters to pay a ridiculously high royalty, that could force a lot of popular online radio stations to close down. Free services like Pandora,, Digitally Imported and Proton Radio (thankfully the electronic music record companies are more easy on this) may come to a halt. The online radio industry does not have a strong presence as to face legal situations like this. The industry is still in its young age coming up with new innovations in areas like music suggestion and social ratings. Now it has to deal with the some of the wackiest lawyers in the world. So what can the average listener do? Sign the petition of course.

Stay updated on this at and sign the petition at

Listen to internet radio (my favorite services in order) Pandora, Proton Radio, Soma FM, Digitally Imported,

Father Regrets Inventing the Internet… Sort of!

“I used to play the cello — and regret that I gave it up so entirely in pursuit of science and math.”

Those were the the actual words of Vint Cerf, the “Father of the Internet”. He actually wanted to be an actor, and even did a small role in Earth: Final Conflict. The lesson is, you may deeply regret giving up your passions, even if you get to do something as huge as inventing the internet. I, for one, still welcome our old cello playing internet inventing actor overload.

Read Vint Cerf’s latest interview.

I got a Joost beta account, and all I can say is that this thing makes YouTube look like child’s play. Joost was started by the creators of Skype, and it claims to bring true internet TV for the masses. It is more like TV than normal internet video - for example, the screen shot shows the National Geographic channel playing, and it has tons of National Geographic videos available on demand.

This is what Global Warming Looks Like

These were taken almost exactly one year apart (Right: 30th December, 2006, Left: 28th December, 2005) of the village of Schwangau in Bavaria.


The Dullest Blog in the World

TDBIW is unmatched since May 2003.

The Dooms Day Clock, 5 Minutes to Armageddon

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have moved the hand of the Dooms Day Clock to five minutes to midnight. The Dooms Day Clock acts as a metaphorical measure of how close humanity is to it’s demise. In 1947 when it was started, it was set at 7 minutes to midnight. The first Soviet atomic test brought it to three minutes to midnight, and subsequent nuclear tests by the US and the Soviet Union in the next 3 years brought it to just 2 minutes. It was 1953 and it was when humanity was the most likely to had been wiped out. The “safest” it ever got was in 1991 when the US and the Soviet Union signed the famous Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

With the recent events in the “war on terror”, Iran and North Korea’s nuclear developments being about to trigger another nuclear arms race, and new scientific evidence on climate change and the fact that it has the potential to wreck global havoc, the Dooms Day Clock has once again ticked.